We believe people learn best by doing. Our Action Based Learning Environments (ABLE) simulate real-world scenarios, providing a rich and engaging medium where trainees practice safely completing real tasks and procedures.

Using ABLE to supplement your hands-on training will reduce costs, by training up to 6 times faster and freeing up valuable resources. Additionally, ABLE’s comprehensive reporting will increase transparency within your company.

There’s a difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing it. That’s why pilots train on flight simulators. Bridging the gap between declarative and procedural knowledge is one of the many ways ABLE can make your training more effective.

ABLE is a custom software solution for interactive 3D simulations that can be deployed on existing computer systems or via the internet. ABLE can reduce the cost, increase the effectiveness, and improve the transparency of training.

Six Reasons to Choose ABLE:

1. Train up to six times faster.
ABLE tests while it trains, and trainees who demonstrate competence in a task can be accelerated through that task. Trainees only receive in-depth instructions on tasks where they require them.

2. Free up valuable resources.
Man-hours and machine-time are expensive. ABLE reduces these costs, and the risks to your machinery and personnel, by training in a virtual environment. Training can be completed off-site and at any time.

3. Know for sure what your employees know.
A minimum level of competence must be demonstrated in order to complete the training, and comprehensive reporting lets you track the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and groups.

4. Address problems before an accident.
Organization-wide statistics can make accurate projections, and identify problems before they happen. ABLE can track data that isn’t available in the real world, and integrate it with your existing databases.

5. Train for emergencies.
Training can cover situations that are too dangerous or expensive to be conducted on site, better preparing employees for emergency procedures and better informing them of risks and pitfalls.

6. Train better with learning-by-doing.
Trainees must make decisions and learn from the consequences. ABLE tests procedural knowledge, and can identify situations where employees know what to do, but don’t actually do it.

ABLE software is intended to be used as a direct replacement for classroom, lab, and video based training, and to complement hands-on training.

For more information, a web demo, or a live demonstration of our technology please contact us.