Interior Design Services

RealSpace3D is not an Interior Design Studio.  We are a full-service 3d rendering, website design, and marketing company. However, we have created thousands of interior computer generated images. Most of our clients are located in the Vancouver area, which has it’s own unique design style. We’re familiar with popular room designs, we know the popular materials being used for surfaces like counter tops and cupboards, and we know what it takes to stage a room nicely.

That being said, for many that’s not enough. If you would like professional interior design services, we can do that too!  RealSpace has partnered with independent interior designers who will utilize our 3D rendering services along with their unique interior design talents to provide you with a full interior design experience. They are fully certified in British Columbia and provide insight into the design process beyond what our own abilities are.

Interior designers possess a skill which is often overlooked by homeowners and under appreciated by property developers.  They are able to provide the additional 10-15% to truly tie a room together both in funcionality and in aesthetics.  Interior Designers take into consideration the colour palette of the room as well as the necessary lighting, appropriate patterns and bring it all together masterfully with accessories to create a room most could only dream of.

People who understand the benefits of 3d Visualization often don’t renovate their house until they have seen how the different design features all come together through the creation of a 3d rendered image. With the addition of interior design services added to the expertise of RealSpace’s 3d Visualization services, we are able to take yet another leap towards being a complete home marketing and pre-visualization company offering a wide range of services to better help our clients.

What does it take to have an interior rendering created?

In my experience, one of the biggest things which holds people back from having a 3d rendering created is their lack of familiarity with what it is.  Most people aren’t aware of what the correct terminology is, they don’t know what is required to get started and, they don’t know what a 3d rendering would cost 

The main issue is people are afraid to look stupid or be taken advantage of.  Because of this, RealSpace is committed to informing all our clients along the way through our resource pages.  We want everyone to feel comfortable buying from us or, if they so decide, someone else.

Some of the basics which we look for when creating Interior Renders are:

  • Architectural plans – These are the best starting point for us, they allow us to get exact dimensions of the walls, windows, door placement, cabinet layout etc.  That being said, if you don’t have architectural plans (let’s face it, most people looking to do a minor reno to their house don’t have these on hand) we are still able to work off of hand sketched drawings with dimensions, photographs with measurements or we can come in and take the measurements ourselves, assuming you’re in the Vancouver area.
  • Material Lists or a thematic direction – Whether you have a collection of inspiration images or you have each material down to the swatch we can work with you to accurately show you photo realistic images of what your new kitchen design will look like, or any other room for that matter. The more information you’re able to provide us with, the better.

That’s it.

Beyond that, we will be able to work with you on your project to make it work for you as either a marketing tool or a design tool for much less than you might expect (images start around $400)

How long does it all take

Interior residential renders usually only take around 3-4 days to create a draft.  From there we will work with you to get the images just right.  We offer 3 free revisions on most projects and beyond that keep our pricing manageable.

See it before you build

Over the 10 years we have been around we have saved thousands of clients countless dollars in the design process.  Our architectural renders are continuing to provide home owners, custom home builder and interior designers the confidence they need to move forward with their projects.

For more information view our Interior Rendering Services Page