5 Hot Architectural Home Designs in 2016

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The fields of architecture and design are constantly shifting in both business and residential space to please our ever-changing modern tastes. The bland straight lines of the modern era are making way for the abstract and blurred lines of post-modernity. But, with form, function is also playing a bigger role in 2016. Technological advancements have also allowed for “smarter” homes from energy conservation to contemporary comforts. This list explores the top five designs being implemented in homes across America today.

  1. Heated Entryway Floors. Heated floors aren’t just for bathrooms anymore. Today, you and your guests can enjoy a cozy welcome from braving the daily elements. Imagine taking off your snow-soaked winter boots on a toasty floor greeting you on your way to relaxation. This design trend is especially appealing to those who live in climates where winter seems to last a lot longer than it should. You’re welcome Minnesota.
  2.  Functional Entryways. It seems entryways are getting huge makeovers in 2016, with heated floors being only one of many upgrades. More people are opting out of the single small table (whose sole purpose, it seems, is to hold your mail until you remember to open it later) and coat-rack look for more of a “farmhouse” functioning space with built-in storage units to hold everything from boots to backpacks to tools. In 2016, people are saying no to wasted empty space in the foyer.
  3. Electric Fireplace Focal Point. With technology taking over so much of our daily lives, more families are ditching their television for a screen-free living room and a good old-fashioned fireplace at the center of attention. However, this isn’t your grandpa’s fireplace. Energy efficient and smoke-free electric units are replacing wood burning hearths for a cleaner and more sustainable living room model. Another win for the northern climates.
  4. Open Concept. Gone are the days with low ceilings and doorways dividing every room in the house. If HGTV is any indication, open concept homes are the now and the future ways of living. Solid walls no longer separate rooms, but transitions are found in flooring patterns and furniture arrangements. The hottest trend in this department is the honeycomb floor pattern of wood and tile transitioning from living room into kitchen. Vaulted ceilings also help create a more airy feel to a space rather than the stuffy boxed-in designs of the past.
  5. Designer Closets. Why go to the department store when you can put the department store in your closet? Personalized closets with a space for everything, and we mean everything, are no longer a luxury, but a must-have for home-owners in 2016. The people have demanded more function, and closets are no exception. Organized jewelry and sock drawers, belt and scarf hooks, and pull-out shoe cabinets are just a few elements Americans are adding to their closets this year.


To see how these design trends will play out in your current home or future dream home, visit our architectural rendering service page and start designing your perfect home today.

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