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Our new safety & training simulator for Teck puts you into a surface mine, where you drive a rubber-tired bulldozer. We’ve integrated the Bullet Physics Library to power our vehicles – which include heavy equipment such as haul trucks and excavator shovels, and light transport vehicles. The physics engine also allows us to simulate debris-clearing very realistically.

As with our other virtual reality safety programs, our mining safety simulator  ensures that proper procedures – such as radio procedures and rules of the road – are followed, and allows for trainees to learn from their mistakes. In the case of mining training, simulators can also save  money by not tying up valuable machine time.

The bulldozer was an interesting vehicle to simulate because it is fixed axle, but hinged chassis. It demonstrates that the Bullet engine can simulate non-standard vehicles. We have been very happy with our decision to use Bullet. It has proved a robust and realistic engine, even under difficult-to-simulate situations involving large masses and large mass ratios.

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