Architectural Rendering Guide - 5 Reasons Why Architectural Renderings Will Save You Money on Your Next Project.

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This guide is intended to provide real estate developers, agents, and marketers with industry driven information about the benefits of architectural renderings for your next project. Below are the top five reasons for investing in architectural renderings:


  1. Higher prices: While the direct research on the financial benefits of architectural renderings on sales is yet to be conducted, it is easy to draw a parallel to home staging. According to the Nation Association of Realtors, compared to a non-staged home, staging a home will increase the sale of a home by an average of 17%. Given the huge financial benefit in home staging, investing in architectural rendering to showcase and stage your project also has the potential for financial return. With a rendering you can display exact finishes, designer furnishings, ideal lighting, and great image composition.


  1. Get faster regulatory board approval: an aspect or phase of your project may involve the approval of a public authority or a government agency. A rendering that visualizes your project for the regulatory board can greatly enhance your pitch by showing design or placement of elements of your project that the board might be concerned about. It can also reduce the number of revisions to your design in your development application that may be required by the regulatory board and speed up the approval process. Renderings done at this stage can be conceptual renderings and therefore do not have to be as polished as marketing images and can be more cost effective. The 3D model and work involved could still be used later for marking images. So make sure you ask your rendering company if they offer a lower quality pricing tier for conceptual renderings.


  1. Speed up the design process: your design may involve the time consuming process of collaboration with and input from a host of participants involved in your project such as an architect, landscape architect, team, interior designer, boss, and investors. The process to get clarification and consensus on colours, materials, and overall design (i.e., both interior and exterior) can be made easier if you have images. An interior designer typically uses mood boards or material swatches, which can be difficult to get a sense of an overall vision. Images can greatly aid in collaboration on a vision with all parties involved. Architectural plans and 2D floor plans can be very difficult for some people to conceptualize and image of the design can help facilitate clearer consensus.


  1. Generate more interest: A stunning architectural rendering can be used to showcase your project through a multitude of marketing channels to get people talking and increase sales. For example, an image can be posted on your Website and social platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). It can be used in various Ads, such as magazines, commercials, brochures, and site billboards. Renderings are ideal for Real Estate websites and centralized listing platforms. A good portion of marketing comes down to selling a dream, so having the ability to showcase your property in its best light can do wonders for marketing your project.


  1. Sell faster: another benefit to an image, in addition to generating more interest, is that showcasing your project to potential buyers can help speed up sales. The longer your property stays on the market, the lower the property value can become, and a cutting edge image can help speed up sales to avoid having to lower prices due to lagging interest or changing market condition. If you are relying on bank funding, you may be required to close certain percentage of pre-sale units before the bank will release more of your funding. Faster sales can result in faster bank funding and lower risk of putting construction on hold until funding can be acquired.  


Conclusion: Given the fact that most good quality 3D renderings can be commissioned for under 1,000USD, and since renderings are so beneficial in key areas of property development and marketing, for most developers including them in the budget is a no brainer.


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