RealSpace has developed a proprietary RealTime 3D Engine. We have used this platform to provide custom 3D applications for some of Canada’s largest organizations as well as sub-contracting on projects for several Fortune 500 companies.

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We have built fully drivable vehicles for mining simulators, vehicle inspection training for mine safety programs, and a fire safety simulator for children. We have created entire virtual real estate resorts and over one million square feet of virtual shopping environments. We have integrated our software with the Wii controller, and are in the process of integrating a full virtual reality headset.

We are always looking for a new challenge, and would be happy to discuss any potential projects.

Live Demo

We currently have a live fire safety demo available for download. The project was created in partnership with to teach children fire safety. It provides an excellent example of an application of our technology

Fire Safety Simulator


Click here for a sample of our work.

Real-Time Engine Features

  • Realistic physics using the Bullet physics engine
  • Highly efficient rendering, including hardware occlusion culling and pre-computed PVS for a high-geometry throughput
  • Modern effects: pixel and vertex shaders, environment mapping, light mapping, dynamic shadows and lighting, particle engine
  • Efficient input pipeline from Maya, 3DS Max, XSI, Blender, and Silo
  • OpenGL based

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