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4 Reasons Why Pre-Visualizations Can Save You Time and Money

We have all heard the old adage “measure twice, cut once”.  However, this mentality stretches beyond simple measurements of a piece of lumber, no stone should be left un-turned when it comes to planning out your next building.  Houses are one of the largest investments people will make in their lives, it is important as a home builder or designer to reduce as much stress on the home-owner as possible and answer as many questions as they may have to help them feel at ease. When a home owner has elected to build a new home, particularly a custom home, they are faced with a great number of concerns:

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A growing issue, especially here in Vancouver, is the difficulty many people are having communicating ideas with foreign real estate investors.  As the number of investors from overseas continues to rise we are faced with new challenges. Often times, even for native English speakers, trying to understand some of the specific construction features is extremely difficult.  Showing plans, sample materials, colour chips, and sketches is helpful however it still leaves a lot to be misinterpreted.  Aside from frustration and time this can also result in costly mistakes.

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Virtual Reality for Real Estate – The future is now

Virtual Reality Rendering Services for Real Estate have gone mainstream and if you aren’t using it you may be needing to play catch up.  We believe that the future of new construction real estate is soon going to depend on the use of Virtual Reality.

With Oculus Rift being released along with other more mainstream platforms such as YouTube releasing an interactive 3d experience we believe that VR is going to quickly become a mainstay.  The level of which an audience can be immersed with virtual reality is unparalleled.  It gives prospective buyers a great opportunity to move through the environment and really get a sense of the space which they could potentially inhabit.  As of right now the technology is still new but as prices drop and technology improves look for the virtual reality revolution to be every where, including Real Estate.

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