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Featured Project : Brody Development

Project: COVO

Location: North Vancouver

Project Website:  COVO Living

Developer: Brody Development Group

Developer Website: Brody Development

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3 Tips to Make a Sale with Vancouver’s Promising Real Estate Market

Vancouver real estate is one of 2017’s pleasant surprises. Originally predicted to drop in the later half of the year,  the market for the region has proved its resiliency. Sky-rise properties dominate Vancouver’s real estate market. Condominium prices have increased by 2.2%– and the trends note that they could continue to increase. This is in contrast towards similar Vancouver markets. New Zealand and Australia, after experiencing a peak in their respective real estate markets, have noted a significant ‘cooling’ after the said peak.

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5 Hot Architectural Home Designs in 2016

The fields of architecture and design are constantly shifting in both business and residential space to please our ever-changing modern tastes. The bland straight lines of the modern era are making way for the abstract and blurred lines of post-modernity. But, with form, function is also playing a bigger role in 2016. Technological advancements have also allowed for “smarter” homes from energy conservation to contemporary comforts. This list explores the top five designs being implemented in homes across America today.

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4 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Should Be Used in Architecture and Design

Technology changes the playing field for both commercial and non-commercial business landscapes. In order to stay relevant, each industry has to keep up or risk being left behind.

With that, there is a lot of attention aimed at one of the most sought-after tech in recent years: virtual reality.

Virtual reality has come a long way. What was originally a topic of philosophical discussion has now become one of the fastest growing technologies of today.

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How to Attract Foreign Home Buyers – Benefits of Architectural Rendering

3 Reasons for Architectural Renders:

Architectural Renders are typically done for 3 reasons, this article is going to focus on the first reason.

  1. Increase sales prior to the completion of a building
  2. Assist in the planning process of that building
  3. Gain approval from regulatory bodies.

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