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One of the common questions we get asked when beginning a new architectural rendering project or even a product render is “how accurate will the images be?”  Photo-realistic renders are great, they are nice to look at and can help sell a home but if they don’t accurately represent the building or product which they are supposed to showcase, what is the point?  At RealSpace we pride our selves on the accuracy with which we showcase our projects.  As is the case with all 3D rendering companies we do our best to put our client’s best foot forward; however, at the same time, we believe in maintaining artistic integrity.  The software RealSpace uses is based off of real world settings.  That means we setup a physically accurate sun in our scenes along with creating interior lights which are based off of real world specifications.  The more information a client is able to give us about their design the closer we get to 100% accurate 3d renders.  

Whether you are creating an interior render, exterior render or product render, our goal is to create images or animations that are as accurate as possible

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