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Architectural Rendering Guide - 5 Reasons Why Architectural Renderings Will Save You Money on Your Next Project.

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Cloud Computing and Render Farms in Architectural Modeling: The Basics

Modern day architectural plans are no longer done with only pen and paper. Different architectural models often accompany today’s construction projects. These models, both for marketing and construction purposes, use computer-aided design (CAD). CAD helps architects to simulate certain conditions or try design prototypes without physical risks.

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Three Reasons Why Virtual Reality Should Be Used in Architecture and Design

Technology changes the playing field for both commercial and non-commercial business landscapes. In order to stay relevant, each industry has to keep up or risk being left behind.

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Most Popular 3D Rendering Software

The most popular rendering software used by architects and designers may be a subjective claim. Strictly speaking, there are a number of architects and designers of varying degrees of expertise, and the software they use may differ from one architect to another.

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