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3D modeling- another art world

What does it take to become an artist? From my understanding and experience in 3D modeling programs art courses are not necessary. However, do you need schooling in art to be an artist? In the contemporary art world fine arts degrees are pretty much a prerequisite to be an artist. If you try to crack into the art world without a BFA and MFA you need to play the political game much harder. As a side note, the history of art is in itself an exclusionary story that has and continues to marginalize certain art forms and people. That being said, a 3D modeler could play the game and show work in galleries without a degree in fine art. Getting into the art world through 3D modeling would be the exception and not the norm.

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Rendering for Independent Architects

With recent advances in technology, computational times have decreased, and had large effects on the rendering market. Rendering has become available to a broader consumer base. As well as costumers have seen major improvements, including a more affordable product.

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How SketchUp has changed 3D Modeling

Since the release of SketchUp by its creators @Last Software in 2000, this 3D modeling program quickly become widely used by industry in various professions. A quick google search of SketchUp produces various video tutorials on YouTube and numerous websites, blogs, and articles dedicated to discussions and Q & As. SketchUp appeals to many first time users due to its straightforward interface. The software imitates the traditional drawing process, where the mouse acts as a pencil to draw on the monitor acting as paper. There is even an option to use a stylus and pad that work directly like pen and paper.

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Save Time and Money with an Accurate Render

A big problem while doing renovations is trying to visualize every aspect of a project before being able to see how it all fits together.  Thanks to our technology we are able to help take some of that guess work out before any costly oversights are made.

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Stadium 3D Renders

Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada

Project: This project was used to visualize a number of staduums in 3D. These images can be used for planning, promotion, ticket sales, or planning events.

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