Virtual Reality: not just for Flight Simulators

It used to be very expensive to create a simulator. Now, most kids have several on their laptop. Computer game technology has come a long way in the last 10 years, to the point where realistic virtual reality can be run off the same computer you’re reading this on.

Simulators have been used for years by pilots and the military, but now they are affordable for training in any industry. Simulators are effective in equipment training, from fork lifts to bulldozers to cranes. Simulators can run effective training drills for emergencies like fire or earthquakes. Simulators can train new employees on company and safety procedures, or help old ones keep sharp.

The benefits of a virtual reality environment are well established. Realistic training environments lead to effective training, training on virtual equipment saves money by freeing up real equipment, and training in worst-case scenarios – impossible in the real world – leads to better preparedness.

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