RealSpace 3D Architectural Animation Services and Video Production

We offer top quality HD video production services, drone videos composited with CG renders, and marketing level 3D animated flythroughs which we have become renowned for across the industry.

What is a 3D animation

3D animation is the use of computer software to create fluid, computer generated videos.  One of the most well-known examples of 3d animation would be the work Pixar has done for their movies.  What we do is based on the same principles however applied for showcasing various marketing applications, using animation to explain complicated concepts.  Animations are great learning aids and can quickly and effectively tell a story which words or pictures can not.  RealSpace’s specialty is undoubtedly our ability to create architectural animations, we are one of the industry leaders in the creation of animations thanks in part to our rendering technology which allows us improved rendering time over other companies.  In addition to our animations, we often create drone videos containing superimposed animations of future developments and professional filming to showcase surrounding neighborhoods

3D animations also referred to as fly throughs or walk throughs are one of the best ways to communicate the excitement of an architectural project, product, invention, or idea. Whether guiding potential buyers through a new development or showcasing a new franchise opportunity, 3D animations are a great way to bring your project to life.

RealSpace offers extremely high quality 3D animations with optional scriptwriting and narration. We offer all our animations in 720p HD format with the possibility of going to full 1080p HD.

Virtual Reality Services for Real Estate Development

What is Virtual Reality for Real Estate?

Virtual Reality is an interactive viewing experience allowing the user the freedom to look around a virtual space.  This is technology is extremely useful in video games and more recently the implications of it’s usefulness are being felt in Real Estate.

Virtual Reality Rendering Services for Real Estate have gone mainstream and if you aren’t using it you may be needing to play catch up.  We believe that the future of new construction real estate is soon going to depend on the use of Virtual Reality.

Production Process

    1. You send any plans, sketches, or reference materials.
    2. We complete the 3D model and provide you a storyboard of the animation.
    3. You provide any feedback on the 3D model and storyboard.
    4. We provide you a low-resolution first draft of the animation.
    5. You provide feedback.
    6. We provide you the full quality final animation.

What affects animation costs?

Animations are one of the most complex aspects of 3d rendering, a single image can be modified fairly easily using photoshop; however, creating an animation can take weeks and render times can be astronomical.  Find out more about what affects the cost of animations with this animation pricing guide.

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