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RealSpace offers specialized packages for exterior condo 3D renderings. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality images with exceptional customer service to clients ranging from large developers to individual homeowners.

Best Renderings for Condo and Highrise Renderings Projects

Condo and highrise rendering services are offered to provide various types of visually appealing images and animations to attract clients and generate interest in the project. Here are the popular services commonly provided:

  1. Hero Image Renderings: These are the initial images presented to clients, creating the first impression and sparking their interest in the project. They are often used on hoardings and in preliminary marketing efforts.exterior_rendering27.jpg

  2. Aerial and Drone Renderings: In scenic areas, drone or aerial photography combined with rendering can serve as the hero image. This approach captures the project's location and surroundings from an elevated perspective, captivating potential clients.Background 3-D02.jpg

  3. Amenity Renders: Larger condos often distinguish themselves by offering exciting amenity spaces such as gyms, dog wash stations, and communal recreational areas. 3D renderings of these amenities provide an enticing introduction to these unique features, generating interest and attracting potential buyers.An inviting interior rendering of a midday-lit living room, showcasing RealSpace3d's expertise in architectural 3D rendering for homes.

  4. Interior Unit Renderings: Once the overall excitement is generated, targeted marketing of the interior units becomes crucial in converting client interest into actual presales. Interior renderings showcase the views, appliances, interior design, and floorplan layout, giving clients a realistic glimpse of the living spaces.An interior render of a condo's living room in mid-day lighting, produced by RealSpace3d for their architectural 3D rendering services.

  5. 3D Floorplans: In addition to interior renderings, 3D floorplans have become a standard offering for every unit. They go beyond traditional 2D line drawings, providing clients with a better understanding of the spatial layout and enabling them to visualize the space more effectively.This is a 3D floorplan architectural rendering from RealSpace3D. No further description provided.

  6. Animated Walkthroughs: Particularly in larger developments, animated walkthroughs have gained immense popularity. These immersive animations can even replace the need for physical showrooms. By incorporating still images from the video, marketers can further enhance their promotional materials, making them more engaging and visually appealing.


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Pricing for Condos, Towers, Apartments, Skyscrapers, and High-Rises

The cost of creating one of these images typically falls on the higher end of the spectrum, and rightfully so. These apartments, towers, skyscrapers, or superstructures require significant attention to detail and careful consideration to create a visually appealing image. Depending on the desired look, high-rise renders can encompass a wide variety of moods and styles, ranging from a sunny day to a stormy evening. The mood of the image depends on what the client and the 3D rendering artist want to convey and highlight.

When creating a high-rise render or a visualization for a large-scale apartment, capturing the surrounding environment and creating a beautiful backdrop to accentuate the architecture of the high-rise is crucial. Tower rendering projects are typically entrusted to companies with the most experience and skill, as opting for cheaper options may result in undesirable outcomes.

Typically, pricing for a high-rise render starts around $2000 and increases based on factors such as the number of unique design features, the overall size and complexity of the building, the surrounding buildings, or the use of a drone for capturing images.

There are some simple ways to keep the price of the render down, such as being well-organized, providing accurate plans, and scheduling the project well in advance. High-rise renders require proper time and attention, so it's recommended to allocate at least 2-3 weeks.

For more information regarding high-rise rendering pricing, take a look at our architectural rendering pricing guide.

Challenges Associated with Rendering and Photographing Large Objects

The 3D rendering of a high-rise building is often considered one of the most challenging types of images or animations to get "right". The complexity and sheer size of the building present a host of technical problems beyond those encountered with a simple house render or product render.

Fitting a tall building into a single image is a challenge that many photographers face. They often need to stitch several images together to create a large vertical panoramic image. Another limitation photographers encounter is perspective distortion. When taking a photograph at eye level, the details near the top of the building become difficult to discern due to distortion. Fortunately, our 3D software can overcome these real-world problems and give our 3D rendering an advantage over the real thing.


Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your High-Rise Rendering Project:

  1. Define your project goals: Clearly articulate your objectives and desired outcomes for the high-rise rendering project. This will help us understand your vision and deliver results that align with your expectations.
  2. Collaborate closely with our rendering team: Establish a collaborative relationship with us. Provide us with comprehensive project details, including architectural plans, design concepts, and reference materials, to ensure we thoroughly understand your project.
  3. Communicate your unique selling points: Clearly communicate the unique features, design elements, and architectural highlights of your high-rise building. This will allow us to showcase these aspects and differentiate your project from others.
  4. Emphasize the importance of key details and amenities: Clearly communicate the specific details and amenities that are important to your high-rise project. Whether it's the luxurious rooftop pool, the innovative sustainability features, or the cutting-edge fitness center, highlighting these key elements will help us prioritize and showcase them in the rendering. By understanding your unique selling points, we can ensure that the renderings accurately depict the desired features and amenities, providing you with exactly what you need to attract potential buyers or investors.
  5. Consider animation and virtual reality options: Explore the possibility of incorporating animations or virtual reality experiences into your high-rise rendering project. These interactive elements can greatly enhance client engagement and understanding of your project.
  6. Set realistic timelines and milestones: Work closely with us to establish realistic timelines and project milestones. This will ensure that the project progresses smoothly and meets your desired delivery date.
  7. Seek client feedback and revisions: Actively participate in the review process by providing timely and constructive feedback. This collaboration will help us refine the renderings to meet your expectations better and attract potential buyers.
  8. Leverage renderings for marketing and promotional activities: Once you receive the final high-rise renderings, make the most of them for marketing and promotional purposes. Showcase them on your website, social media platforms, and marketing materials to attract new clients and generate interest in your project.

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