Virtual Reality Services for Real Estate

Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Virtual Reality is currently the number one focus in the real estate world. It provides an immersive experience that allows potential buyers to place themselves within the home or apartment that they’re considering. Once there, they can have the ability to tour a property from every angle and make on-the-fly adjustments to their visual selections.

This goes far beyond just imagining what their prospective new home will look like, once they’ve completed all of their furnishings and applied their color choices. With virtual reality, a client can actually see how a new living space will appear, using 360° technology. And not only with just different color walls and various furniture placements, but they can even see those same selections under different lighting conditions. There really isn’t any better way to get a sense of what a home will look and feel like, prior to actually moving in. This goes far beyond anything that has ever been available before!

In the past, this type of advanced technology service was reserved for the elite, who were purchasing extremely high-end, expensive homes. But, at RealSpace, we offer our virtual reality services at a reasonable rate. Therefore, it’s not just the super elite, luxury real estate agents who are able to afford this service. Average property developers who are working on homes, townhomes and condos can now reasonably afford to dip their toes into some of the most exciting technology available.

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Looking for Cheap Virtual Reality?

RealSpace has become the go-to company when it comes to 3D virtual reality services that can satisfy all of your real estate virtual reality needs. That’s because, we have experience, knowledge base and marketing understanding in order to create the sophisticated marketing environment that can raise the bar when it comes to a real estate company’s offerings. Our goal is to elevate the sophistication of the real estate experience which, in turn, will allow the average real estate company to appeal to all levels of real estate clients. With a virtual reality 3D experience, even a modest real estate company will have the same high-tech appeal that can be found in more elite real estate organizations.

Virtual reality has been enhancing business ventures since 2010, back when Oculus Rift was first introduced. Shortly thereafter, major technology organizations such as; Microsoft, Samsung and Google have made huge investments in the area of simulated environment experiences. Since then, it’s been acknowledged that 3D imaging has become a game changer in a variety of fields. However, for real estate, it has altered the actual landscape of its business activities in the area of marketing. This is particularly true when it comes to the challenges of selling properties that don’t exist yet. When you consider how lucrative the luxury (and even non-luxury) real estate market has become, it only makes sense that companies utilize every tool that will place them on the cutting edge of their industry. And, currently, a virtual reality 3D real estate tour is as cutting edge as it gets.

3D Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours that Are Used as Marketing Tools

In most cases, a client will wish to pay a visit to a number of properties before making a decision. Needless to say, this will entail a considerable amount of time and expense. This is especially true if the client happens to live a long distance away from the properties that are under consideration.

However, the use of virtual reality as a marketing tool can eliminate that hurdle by providing a means to offer the client a means to experience what it “feels” like to be physically present in the space that is under consideration. This solution will provide a client with a level of authenticity that no video, standard photo or artistic rendering can offer. It allows the client to engage in an experience that will feel like they are actually standing in the middle of the living space in question.

This is why RealSpace 3D is known for its dedication to providing the best virtual reality services that can be used for real estate marketing. These services include:

Townhouse rendering

High-rise architectural rendering

Commercial building rendering

Residential 3D rendering

Interior rendering

Landscape rendering

3D floor plans

Product rendering

Animation Services

However, the thing that separates the truly elite real estate organizations from those who are stuck in outmoded marketing tools is virtual reality touring. RealSpace 3D provides the tools and the means to create this high tech marketing experience. What’s more is that it makes these cutting-edge tools available for those real estate companies that are not considered limited to only presenting luxury properties. This is an important point to consider, since virtual reality marketing benefits are now available to real estate companies that would, in the past, not have been able to access these game-changing marketing advantages.

You need only to take a look at the number of real estate companies that are now employing virtual reality tours as part of their marketing plan and you will see how quickly this technology is taking hold of the entire real estate sales niche.

Many of these companies are now specializing in taking this advanced technology which, by the way, was originally created for the purposes of computer games, and employing it for the newly-created world of VR real estate touring. It should also b noted that different real estate companies are quickly occupying different types of real estate niches.

For example, you may find one company that specializes in providing real estate tours of various properties that are still under construction. Other companies will allow; clients, agents and other parties to view how a space would appear with different types of configurations and color motifs. In addition to being able to view these options, a potential client can actually have the experience of appearing to actually walk through the spaces that they are considering!

These real estate companies understand just how strong an emotional connection can be created by a virtual reality real estate tour. The outcome for those companies providing VR tours has been a huge success. They know that the very moment a client can visualize a potential living space in 3D, the perspective ‘house’ has now become a ‘home’. A potential business location has now become a place where business hopes and dreams are being made into reality. These highly effective subconscious approaches could never be duplicated with out-dated marketing tools from the past. In addition, this technology has also provided a viable selling tool for real estate that is currently no more than an empty hole in the ground!

Providing Virtual Reality Tools for Different Types of Real Estate Prospects

Using virtual reality services can help with providing the tools for marketing materials that allows the potential buyer to feel that they’re within the perspective un-built property. With the use of exceptionally detailed 360° renderings, one has the ability to look in every direction as if they were turning their physical heads. However, with a VR tour, one can take it a step farther by instantly removing themselves from a current 360 environment and then move freely throughout the rest of the property. This will provide an additional element to the already immersive experience.

These two types of VR tools, provided by virtual reality companies, offer a completely unique experience that can’t be exceeded. Currently, it’s considered the “gold standard” of the real estate marketing profession. And the best part of this technology is that it has become affordable to real estate companies that, at one time, may not have had the ability to purchase high-end marketing tools in the past.

The Future of 360° Virtual Real Estate Tour Technology

It’s easy to see where the future of real estate tour technology is heading. As with most technology innovations, the costs tend to rapidly decrease. As such, this form of technology will become available to more and more real estate companies and agents. It has already demonstrated its effectiveness and profitability. So, it’s just a matter of time before this form of marketing will become a universal standard.

Therefore, real estate companies that want to have the maximum marketing advantage will do all that they can to adopt this form of VR technology as soon as possible. This will ensure that they can have the advantage over other real estate companies that have yet to adopt this form of advertising presentation.

Fortunately, there are companies that are currently making this technology available at reasonable costs. All a real estate company has to do is to contact a VR company, such as RealSpace and check out how their VR services can make a complete difference in the way that real estate is being sold. These days, it just doesn’t make any sense not to.

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