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Creating a 3d rendered image of your landscaping project is a great way to provide clarity for any exterior project, whether you are a homeowner or a landscape architect, RealSpace can help you save time, money and headaches.  Pricing for 3d landscaping projects are dependent on the number of features and specificity of the project.  We have thousands of pre-made vegetation models at our disposal ensuring you work is created as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Landscape architectural visualization, it’s a bit of a mouthful but it is a simple enough concept.  We turn landscape plans and ideas into a tangible image which is easy to understand and conceptualize the finished project. 

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What Sets Our Landscape Architectural Renders Apart

Because of RealSpace’s vast 3d vegetation library and our more robust rendering program, we are able to add almost limitless detail to an image. This means we are not restricted when it comes to integrating trees, shrubs, and flowers into a scene.  While most 3d rendering companies are forced to cut corners by photoshopping  two-dimensional images into their scenes, which will not react to the environment in a realistic way, we are able to place a large number of trees and have accurate scale, reflections, shadows, lighting,  and colour bounces.

In addition to accurate renders, RealSpace is able to provide numerous camera angles for a reduced price.  The bulk of the work we do is in the initial setup of the scene, beyond this point shifting a camera around and making whatever changes are needed is typically less involved on this end, as a result, we are able to provide less expensive options for 3d rendered packages.

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