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At RealSpace we don’t give flat rates for all House Rendering Projects.  We believe in quoting projects individually as each dwelling can vary so drastically in both scope and overall requirements.  For example, a small rancher requiring an external rendering with just enough detail to gain approval from a regulatory board does not have the same demands as a large townhouse development looking to create a pre-sale marketing campaign based off of images we provide.  That’s why we feel it is best to discuss with you what it is you need and how we can best help you get there.

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How Long Does It Take To Create A House Render?

House renders can take anywhere from a few days to a just over a week. If you’re in a hurry to get your house render done, let us know and we can typically accommodate your needs.


How Much Does A House Rendering Cost?

The price of a house render depends upon the complexity of the building and your own personal needs.  In our opinion there is no cookie cutter price to give to every project as each project is unique. For a little more information regarding 3D rendering pricing guide

Creating house renders used to be an expensive and time-consuming process which was only viable for large development companies.  Because of technological advancements in recent years home renders have become accessible for the average consumer.


What Do I Need A House Rendering For?

House renderings can have a number of uses, sometimes regulatory bodies will require that you get a render done to show how the new building is going to fit into the neighbourhood, these architectural renders are great for selling the house prior to completion of the building and can eliminate errors during the design process.


Residential Rendering: Why Us?

RealSpace 3d offers top of the line residential rendering services.   We have created hundreds of house renders ranging from top of the line luxury homes to large developments located in tropical locations.  Whether it is a detached home or a high rise we do it all.  We have a vast library of ready to use furniture and vegetation, if we don’t have it we are happy to custom make new models to suit your project.


What Sets Us Apart?

High resolution stunningly beautiful images are compulsory

Fast turn-around time- if you’re in a rush (who isn’t?) we will fit your schedule

Friendly, professional project management.  

One of the aspects of the company we are most proud of is our rate of repeat happy customers.


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