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High quality, straight forward, fixed pricing 3D House Renderings

RealSpace offers specialized packages for exterior residential 3D renderings. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality images with exceptional customer service to clients ranging from large developers to individual homeowners.

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We Offer Two Quality Tiers For House Rendering Projects

Which Tier is Right for You?

We offer two different pricing tiers for our house rendering services. We understand that the needs of our clients are not always the same. Some of our clients need an affordable house rendering, which still provides excellent value, quality and professionalism. Contrarily, some of our clients need their renders to stand out amongst the crowd to show off their high end home.

Standard Quality House Rendering Services

Our standard 3D house renders targeted at homeowners, realtors, custom home builders and smaller developers. Our Standard 3d house renders are a less expensive option, but still high-quality, high-resolution images. See the image below for an example.

8-MOSCATO-1 (2).jpg




Premium Quality House Rendering Services

Our premium house rendering service are targeted at high-end custom homes, more extensive development, and large properties. This rendering feature better quality lighting and the ability to showcase lots of custom details. See the image below for an example.

Exterior House Render

West Vancouver Mansion 3d house rendering

High End home visualization in West Vancouver

Click here to learn more about our high-end custom home visualization services.

House Rendering Options

Standard Quality Rendering

Starting price(USD)

  • Afternoon Lighting
  • High Resolution
  • Draft in 2-4 business days
  • Typical Timeline 1-2 weeks
  • 2 Rounds of revisions

Premium Quality Rendering

Starting price(USD)

  • Choose from 3 camera angles
  • Highest Quality & Resolution
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions
  • Very Detailed Materials
  • Customizable landscape and time of day

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Common Questions | FAQ

How Long Does It Take To Create A 3D House Visualization?

House renderings can take anywhere from a few days to a just over a week. If you're in a hurry, let us know, and we can typically accommodate your needs.


How Much Does A House Rendering Cost?

We provide two tiers of pricing for 3d house renderings. The best way to get a quote on your project is to fill out a contact form and receive a quick quote on your next project. 


What Do I Need An Architectural House Rendering For?

House renderings can have several uses. The most common are below:

  • Marketing online
  • Marketing onsite (signage)
  • Real estate listings and real estate agent websites
  • Regulatory board approval
  • Design approval/refinement with the homeowner

These are just a few examples. You can use 3d renderings anytime you want to see a property before its built. Check out some alternative

Residential Rendering: Why Us?

RealSpace 3d offers top quality residential rendering services. We have created hundreds of house renders ranging from thirty thousand square foot mansions to small bungalows. Whether it is a detached home or a high rise, we do it all. We have a vast library of ready to use furniture and vegetation, if we don't have it we are happy to custom make new models to suit your project.

As an authority in the 3d Rendering space we feel an obligation to provide clients and aspiring 3d artists with as much unbiased information, free tutorials and free software guides as possible.


What Sets our Exterior 3D Renders Apart?

  • High resolution stunningly beautiful images
  • Fast turn-around time- if you're in a rush (who isn't?) we will fit your schedule
  • Friendly, professional project management. Whether you're in Toronto or Sydney, our service remains the same.
  • One of the aspects of the company we are most proud of is our rate of repeat happy customers.

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