3D Product Rendering Services

Product Rendering Services

About our company: RealSpace offers specialized packages for product renderings. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality images with exceptional customer service to clients ranging from small startups to large multinational retail companies. Our sole focus over the last 16 years has been perfecting the art of 3D renderings.

What to expect: We offer a range of camera options for you to choose from in the form of clay renders. You can request up to three rounds of revisions at no extra cost to ensure the final result meets your expectations.

Your deliverable will be a high-resolution JPEG image, suitable for digital use. If you require an ultra-high resolution for large format printing, we offer an upgrade option.

We can customize furniture, appliances, and accessories to your specifications.

You have the flexibility to customize the time of day and lighting configuration in your renderings. If you have view photography available, we can incorporate it to increase the level of realism.

Additionally, you have the option to include 3D or 2D people and pets in your images, adding a sense of life to the scene.

RealSpace 3D: Elevating Architectural Renderings with In-Context Product Visualization

Welcome to RealSpace 3D! For over a decade, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional architectural renderings of the highest quality. While we do possess the capability to produce "white space" product renderings, our specialization lies in crafting in-context or "lifestyle" product renderings. What does this entail? We excel at showcasing elements such as your flooring, appliances or counter tops seamlessly integrated within an existing space.

Product rendering specialization (just a few examples):

Countertop product rendering:

Calacatta - Ver2 D01UD (2) (1).JPG

In-context product rendering can be utilized to showcase different types of countertops within kitchen or bathroom environments. Clients can visualize how materials such as granite, marble, quartz, or solid surface options will appear in their desired space, helping them make informed decisions about the best countertop choice for their design aesthetic.

Cabinetry product rendering:

Salt Marsh - D01.jpg

In-context product rendering allows clients to see various cabinetry options within realistic kitchen or bathroom settings. Different styles, finishes, and configurations can be showcased, enabling clients to evaluate how the cabinetry will blend with the overall design, complement other elements, and meet their storage needs.

Laminate Flooring product rendering:

This is a mid-day interior highrise 3D rendering of a living room presented by RealSpace3d, an architectural rendering company.

With in-context product rendering, clients can explore different laminate flooring options within rooms or commercial spaces. This visualization helps them envision how different laminate designs, colors, and textures will look in their specific environment, aiding in the decision-making process for flooring selection.

Kitchen Appliances product rendering:


In-context product rendering enables clients to visualize different kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, and dishwashers, within realistic kitchen settings. It allows them to assess how the appliances will fit in terms of size, style, and functionality, ensuring a cohesive and efficient kitchen design.

Plumbing Hardware product rendering:

A mid-day interior 3D rendering of a bathroom by RealSpace3d, showcasing their expertise in architectural rendering for residential projects.

In-context product rendering can be used to showcase various plumbing hardware options, including faucets, sinks, showerheads, and toilets. Clients can visualize how different styles, finishes, and configurations will look within bathrooms or kitchen spaces, ensuring they choose plumbing fixtures that match their desired aesthetic and functional requirements.

Furniture product rendering:


In-context product rendering is invaluable for visualizing furniture pieces within residential or commercial spaces. Clients can see how different furniture styles, materials, and arrangements will look in their intended environment, assisting in making decisions about furniture selection, layout, and overall interior design.

Ironmongery product rendering:

Product Rendering.jpg

In-context product rendering allows clients to explore different ironmongery options, such as door handles, knobs, hinges, and locks, within architectural spaces. It helps them assess how various ironmongery designs, finishes, and functionalities will integrate seamlessly with the overall interior or exterior design scheme.

Restaurant Grade Equipment product rendering:


In-context product rendering aids in showcasing restaurant-grade equipment, such as commercial ovens, refrigerators, grills, and prep stations, within professional kitchen layouts. This enables restaurant owners and designers to assess the suitability of equipment placement, functionality, and workflow optimization before finalizing their kitchen design.

Playground Equipment product rendering:

HERO 2 - FNU.jpg

In-context product rendering can be employed to visualize different types of playground equipment within outdoor play areas. It helps clients determine how various equipment options, such as slides, swings, climbing structures, and interactive elements, will fit together and create an engaging and safe play environment for children.

Warehouse Equipment product rendering:

rear1 (1) copy.jpg

In-context product rendering assists in showcasing warehouse equipment, such as shelving systems, pallet racks, conveyor belts, and forklifts, within warehouse layouts. It allows clients to optimize the placement of equipment, assess workflow efficiency, and ensure proper utilization of space before implementing the design in a real-world warehouse setting.

In all these cases, in-context product rendering empowers clients to make informed decisions about their design choices, evaluate aesthetics and functionality, and visualize how products will interact within their intended environments.


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Product rendering goes beyond merely showing a 3d model. We understand the trust instilled in us to create what could be a make or break image for a new product line or invention. Because of this, we are committed to ensuring these images do more than fill a need; they must invoke an emotion in the viewer. Much like our Architectural Rendering Services, we take great pride in our quality of work and view our product renders as a labor of love.

RealSpace's Product Rendering Services are photo-realistic and ready for print with super high resolution. Having the ability to show off your inventory before it exists can provide substantial cost savings and assist in discovering potential design flaws.
Whether your project is just a pipe dream or you need new packaging for an existing product, we can help.

Product Rendering Cost

The main factor for the cost of a product render is the complexity of the model and the quality of the plans we are provided. Because product renders can vary so much, there is no simple answer to what the price of your project may cost. The easiest way to find out is to provide us with as much information about your project as possible so that we can calculate the price.

Product Rendering Types

There are two main types of product rendering; the first is a whitespace rendering, which showcases the product on a plain white background. The second type is a contextual rendering, depending on the type of render the product is placed in an environment that helps to display it's uses. For example, a product rendering of a couch may be shown in a living room setting similar to these interior renders.


  • The ability to visualize and interact with a product might catch costly mistakes in design
  • Product Renders allow entrepreneurs and inventors to go back to the drawing board. For example, an inventor has come up with a new concept for solar equipment. She sends her concept designs as sketches to a 3D modeling company, along with her order. She asks for a few renders of the solar equipment from a variety of angles and using different materials, along with an animated video of her design disassembled and being put together and then working. As she watches the footage, she noticed a design flaw and goes back to redesign a new feature of the project, which can then be added to the 3D model.

Benefits of Product Visualizations for businesses

  • 3D Rendering for custom furniture displays
  • 3D modeling is also being used to attract investors. Say an inventor sees the visualizations of her concept and decides it is ready to move forward to the next phase. She can bring the same images and videos to investors to generate capital. Investors can visualize and interact with her concept and experience her idea in motion.
  • Online Market campaigns her concept at the design phase, before production of the idea. She uses the images and video in her online marketing to companies. Costumers can visualize and interact with her concept, and she can test whether a market exists for her idea before the costly production phase. She might design her marketing so that she can receive orders and payment, and based on a certain amount of bookings; she will put her concept into production.

How it works

1. Send us CAD plans, sketches, or reference images along with a brief description of your project
2. We will begin working on the project and send you a draft back for your feedback
3. You get three rounds of revisions (additional revisions are quoted as required)
4. We send you the final full resolution renders ready for print, labels, web, etc.

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