About RealSpace


RealSpace 3D is a multifaceted 3D Rendering company. We utilize our talents in the broad field of 3D rendering to create highly realistic architectural renders, 3D animations, product renders and just about everything in between. 


RealSpace started in Vancouver, BC, in 2007 and has had the pleasure of working with some fantastic clients locally and worldwide.

We employ a small team of passionate 3D Artists who love architecture and the creation of computer-generated images and animations. 

Stefan Kaertner – skaertner@realspace3d.com

3d Rendering Project Manager

Stefan has been with Realspace since 2011. He is an experienced 3D artist who was educated at BCIT in Digital Animation. In addition to 3D art, Stefan is also an avid painter and a former electrician. As the main project manager he has become a jack of all trades working on projects from inception to completion.

Ian Clark – info@realspace3d.com

Founder | Partner

Ian has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, and has founded several startups. Although educated in business and marketing Ian has spent most of his career working with and writing software.

Ian has a passion for architecture and 3D and has worked in the architectural visualization field since 2008. Although he gravitates to clean modern design he is well versed in most styles, and is very dedicated to focusing on the architect’s vision.