There are several different styles of renders and each should be evaluated differently. Below three of the most common styles have been selected for discussion.

Watercolor and Stylized

Some companies provide watercolor and/or other stylized options. These styles are generally easier to evaluate as they are not trying to be realistic. With these renders you should ensure that you like the style and that it showcases your design well.

Dreamlike or Semi-Realistic

The dreamlike option, also referred to as semi-realistic, is very common in real estate marketing, especially in the marketing of resorts or tropical properties. For this style the 3D artist mixes realistic elements with unrealistic or stylized elements. When reviewing these renders the following questions may support you:

  • Do the elements complement each other?
  • Does the image create the desired mood?
  • Do all elements look right?
  • Do the styles transition well?

Photo Realistic

When creating a photo realistic render, the 3D artist’s goal is to make you think you are looking at a real life image. The main concern with photo realistic renders is if the image actually looks real. The following questions may support you when evaluating a photo realistic render:

  • Does the lighting look accurate?
  • Do the items and surfaces in the image look realistic?
  • Is there something that stands out as “not looking right”?

RealSpace 3D Rendering Services

At RealSpace, we focus on high-quality, photo-realistic renders. Check out our 3D rendering services page for details.