3D Rendering for Construction Projects: Creating Before and After Photo’s Prior to the Start of a Project.

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RealSpace has recently been approached by several construction firms to provide before and after photos for upcoming projects. The use of these images has been to show community stakeholders what the project is going to look like after completion.  We are starting to see a trend of 3D rendered images being a requirement for government projects. They are even included in the governments RFP process.

Overall we feel that this is a very positive move by the government and community stakeholders.

The direct benefits of the rendered before and after images that we have seen are as follows:

  • The rendered images reduce the confusion that traditional line drawing plans cause where most people have a hard time visualizing what the project is going to look like.
  • Project design errors can be seen and addressed upfront instead of during or after construction.
  • Visualizing the proposed project can generate new ideas and improvements not previously thought of, and create a better overall result.
  • Designs can easily be sent out to community stakeholders ahead of time, and concerns can be addressed prior to construction.
  • The concerns of the community can be directly addressed in the renderings helping stakeholders understand the project and get behind it. A project might upset community members solely because they don’t fully understand what is being proposed.

We hope to see more cities, municipalities, and construction companies embracing this type of rendering. We predict that most people will find that the cost of the renderings will be greatly outweighed by how much they speed up and simplify the process, and improve the overall results of the project.

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