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When it comes to traditional 2D rendering service, you can run into quite a few problematic issues that may be unforeseen. This is especially true when it comes to the more complex interior designs. However, many of these issues can be overcome with the use of 3D interior rendering techniques, which are available today. Here are some examples that show a few of the main benefits of this technical approach.

1.) A considerable time savings

Using 3d rendering in interior design can be a considerable time saver. When choosing a 3D rendering company, all you should make sure they have a substantial portfolio of interiors and do design projects. Design projects differ from a project for developers since most cases, and the point is to develop the design and get the client sign off. Developers have all the finished finalized and are looking for marketing images. However, if you find a rendering company that offers interior design rendering services, it can be a huge time saver.

Although traditional "mood boards" still have their place moving from mood board to 3D rendering can instantly convey the design and get your client on board.


2.) A more cost-effective solution

Over the past few years, the cost of interior renderings has dropped considerably. In most cases, you can get a room rendered in the sub $1000 range. Especially if you want to try one or more colour schemes, this can be considerable cost savings in time. In many cases, clients are more than willing to cover the cost, so the designer is simply a value add. 


3.) Help others understand your vision


Good architects and designers can readily visualize a design space by using cad drawings and mood boards. However, the average person might have a much harder time imagining a space from abstract plans and designs. 3D rendering can be a great way to bridge this gap.

3D rendering has reached a point where the images are difficult to tell from a real photo. When it comes to 3D rendering, it can be far easier to see how a project will develop in its various stages.


4.) Easily Show Concepts and Options for a Project

In general, there are usually several different concepts and available options for just about every project. A few examples would be room layouts, light or dark colour schemes, or window and door placements. 3D renderings can easily show clients and decision-makers a series of options that will illustrate and be a great collaboration tool.


5.) The Precision of 3D Renderings


Hand-drawn renderings are by there very nature somewhat loose and imaginative. With 3D rendering software, everything is precisely to plan. The 3D artist has a large arsenal of tools that allow for importing cad plans or models from the cad software, precise measuring, and real-world camera settings. Now a days 3D renders are as good as photos of the real thing.


6.) Fast and Easy Distribution and sharing

If you're dealing with hard copies of your drawings and plans, it can sometimes be rather difficult to share or distribute to others. However, with 3D renderings, you will have emailable digital images. This makes it a simple manner to share them with clients or colleagues. You can even upload them online to a password protected/locked section of your website or dropbox. With Dropbox, you can email the link to everyone who is involved in that particular project. The advantage with Dropbox is wont need to reduce the quality of the image to avoid bouncing emails.


7.) Avoiding unhappy clients.

In our experience, it is incredible how many times, significant issues are addressed during the rendering process once the client sees the design issues, concerns and, in a few cases, complete redesigns. The changes might seem be a headache in the moment, but it's much better than dealing with the issues during or after construction. Angry clients can lead to negative reviews or in the worst-case legal action.


8.) An increase in sales

One big advantage as a interior designer of using 3D rendering is the consistency and quality of images for your portfolio. Good interior photography is challenging to do yourself, and hiring a photographer will probably cost you more than the rendering. Also, getting access to the property after construction is not always possible. Also, you will have the images for your portfolio right away with doing the rendering in advance. If the project is going on the market after completion, the rendering can be a fantastic sales tool.


9.) Fix problems prior to construction

With 3D rendering, you have the invaluable option to have the design reviewed by all the decision-makers before construction. This lends itself to having potential problems and design flaws caught early on by quality control personnel and just about every other department involved in the project's construction. This ability can end up saving a great deal of money when it comes to not having to make subsequent interior architectural changes to an already-built structure.


10. Places you ahead of the competition

Although this may be seen as a re-stating of the other benefits of 3D rendering, it can be seen in actuality compared to companies that are still using hardcopy 2D drawings. It's becoming more and more common that clients are asking for 3D renderings. Visualizations will help you present your bid as a premium offering.


11. Flawless lighting


Lighting interiors can be challenging in photography. During the middle of the day, you have much contrast between the light levels inside versus outside. Early morning or dusk photos are somewhat easier, but the light changes rapidly as the sun rises or sets. Also, some rooms may not photograph well. With Renderings, you can take many liberties. You can remove a wall or do an impossible camera angle/position. Light can be uniform, warm, inviting, and consistent across images. For marketing images or a portfolio, this is a significant benefit.


12. 3D rendering enhances your branding and marketing

A highly useful 3D rendering attribute is its ability to provide consistency to your branding and marketing efforts. It's considered to be a mark of professionalism to have a consistent look, colour scheme and "feel" when you're presenting your renderings. We have worked with some designers who have rendered past projects or conceptual designs to showcase their skills. In our own business, interior design, architecture or construction, you tend to get the work that is in your portfolio. 3D rendering can be a great way to help rebrand yourself to the projects you aspire to instead of the projects you have done. If you feel you can compete at a higher level getting some images to show off your skills can be a great way to get there faster.

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