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A growing issue, especially here in Vancouver, is the difficulty many people are having communicating ideas with foreign real estate investors.  As the number of investors from overseas continues to rise we are faced with new challenges. Often times, even for native English speakers, trying to understand some of the specific construction features is extremely difficult.  Showing plans, sample materials, colour chips, and sketches is helpful however it still leaves a lot to be misinterpreted.  Aside from frustration and time this can also result in costly mistakes.

One of the best solutions to this problem is to ensure you leave nothing to chance. Providing clients with 3D renders of their prospective house allows a clear vision of what the final result will entail and how all the intricate pieces fit together.  Generally architectural visualization is thought of as a pre-sale tool or marketing device, which it does do quite well, but beyond that it has been a massive help for many custom home builders, real estate agents and interior designers when communicating their visions to clients.

With the use of 3D rendering technology we are able to go beyond samples, plans and colour swatches as we have an uncanny ability to merge all three of those aspects together to show how a certain back splash will look with new LED strip lighting in a kitchen with a new skylight.  Our software allows us to make changes with just a few clicks of a button. Often when all the elements are brought together design flaws are realized and changed prior to it being too late.  This is particularly important when dealing with a foreign purchaser as communication is generally not done face to face.  Having the ability to send images of potential options of how their new home could look in it’s entirety are of utmost importance.  Being able to show exactly what their new kitchen will look like spans all languages and distances and builds confidence and eases both party’s concerns.

Here at RealSpace Vision Communication we are experts at facilitating that expression of your ideas through the use of our high end technology.  We can create stunningly accurate images quickly with the option of making numerous revisions or providing various options to present.

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