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Recently RealSpace 3D has been working on some fun projects with clients a little outside our comfort zone.  As much as I love rendering houses and commercial buildings it is nice to have more obscure projects to spice up each day.  I originally got into 3D rendering because it combined my passion for art with my aptitude for computers.  I never set out with the intention to focus on architectural rendering; however, in recent years it has become my main focus.  That being said, every once and a while I find it extremely exciting to work on projects a little outside of the box, exploring more creative applications of our product rendering services.

Product rendering is an almost limitless field, and it’s uses aren’t always as simple as one may expect.  A website advertisement of a product that hasn’t been put into production yet or a replacement for product photography for creative reasons are the typical uses; however, the applications stretch far beyond conventional thinking as the 3D rendering field is virtually only bound by one’s own creativity.

Recently, while preparing to move outside of downtown Vancouver, I hired a junk removal company who was able to help me clear out some loose ends from around my place while they contributed to the salvation army.  While discussing the rubbish I needed to rid myself of, I began talking with the owner of the company about what I did.  He was intrigued by 3D rendering after seeing some of the possibilities with it on HGTV and trying his hand at it in previous years.  He mentioned that he potentially had a project for me a little outside the norm for me.  He was looking to do a full vehicle wrap on his junk truck to allow it to stand out from the crowd.  He had an intricate design in mind but wasn’t sure how it would all come together.  In the 3d rendering process, it is common to apply a flat texture to a 3D model.  This would create a perfect 2D template for the junk truck wrap design and give him an idea of how it will look once it is completed.  The project is about to be finalized now and we both ecstatic with the results.

Some of the most interesting projects are ones which have no firm plans, only an idea.  I love being able to transform a person’s dream into a tangible, visible ‘thing’, work through any design flaws with them and watch the invention fluidly transform.  Furthermore, a 3D model of an invention is now fairly easily converted into solid, workable prototype through the use of 3d printing.

3d product rendering of a medical device

Another recent project RealSpace has completed is one involving a medical imaging device.  The product is both innovative and eye catching.  The rendering itself was fun to work on but what fascinated me was seeing how far technology has advanced in the medical field in such a short period of time.  Although I spend most my time indoors, plucking away at a computer, working in a faux 3D world, I did spend some time working in a hospital as an electrician. As a result, my interest was especially piqued while working on the medical device project and understanding the future implications this advancement would have.

One of the things that keeps me passionate about working in the 3d rendering field is never knowing what my next project is going to entail.  I have such a variety of projects throughout the course of my week that I am forced to constantly evolve my methods of 3d modeling, rendering and general problem solving.

Blog Written by Lead project manager and 3D artist: Stefan Kaertner

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