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3D rendering is revolutionizing how people find storage units. Imagine virtually exploring units from home, no more endless listings or confusing dimensions. These 3D models let you walk through spaces, measure doorways, and even place your furniture virtually to see if it all fits. This translates to confident decisions, less wasted time on visits, and a stress-free storage unit selection process.

Ever tried finding a storage unit? Isn't it a time-consuming process? You're faced with seemingly endless listings to scour, and that's just the beginning. Multiple storage unit facility visits are often necessary to truly assess if a unit meets your needs.

The search for a storage unit isn't just tedious. It's also shrouded in uncertainty! Static floor plans and dimensional descriptions are all you have to go on, but these can be confusing when trying to imagine if your belongings will actually fit.

Enter 3D rendering technology. It's a game-changer in the storage unit selection process. Imagine exploring potential units virtually, from the comfort of your home. What once seemed like a far-fetched idea – selecting a storage unit based on anything more than static floor plans – is now a reality thanks to 3D rendering.

The 3D rendering software market will have a global value of USD$ 9.61 billion by 2030, as per a 2023 forecast. But what's this technology all about exactly? What are the benefits it brings to the table? Let's answer these questions below. (1)


How 3D rendering brings storage units to life


How does 3D rendering work its magic? It all starts with the creation of a highly accurate storage unit 3D model. It uses either laser scanning or photogrammetry. Let's take a closer look at these techniques below.

Laser scanning

Precise measurements are paramount for creating a digital model. You'd want it to perfectly reflect the storage unit size. Laser scanning helps significantly in this aspect. It utilizes beams of light, allowing it to act like a high-tech ruler. It measures every nook and cranny of the storage unit.


Photogrammetry doesn't involve light beams. It captures a space through multiple photographs taken from various angles instead. Specialized software then analyzes these images to create a detailed 3D model.

Measurement accuracy translates directly to the potential renter's virtual exploration experience. That's why precision is crucial in this stage.

The 3D model must be meticulously crafted. The goal is for it to mirror the real-world unit in every aspect. Note that 3D rendering requires an upfront investment so it could influence storage unit prices. How much does it cost to buy a storage unit? It varies. If you're from New Zealand, you can start by checking Auckland storage unit cost, but be sure to compare those to prices offered in your own city.

User experience with 3D renderings

The 3D rendering industry is thriving. And that means there are now more storage facilities offering interactive features than ever. Imagine walking through your preferred storage unit from corner to corner, just like how you did it in the past. But no need to leave the house this time. Want to get a closer look at the unit to examine details like doorway width and ceiling height? That's possible, too!

The fun doesn't stop at simple navigation. Visualization tools are also available. What does that mean for potential buyers? It means a personalized virtual storage experience! How do you think being able to upload digital models of your furniture helps? And not only upload but also virtually place them within your preferred storage space itself. Would it give you a more realistic sense of the available space for your belongings? Certainly, right?


How 3D rendering empowers storage unit buyers

You should have a firm grasp of how 3D rendering comes up with virtual storage spaces at this point. So, what's next? It's time to explore the tangible benefits such technology offers to you as a potential buyer.


Simplifying the making of informed decisions

We already know that 3D rendering provides a clearer picture of a storage unit. Because of that, potential buyers can:

  • Select a unit remotely with confidence - Forget about trying to squeeze in multiple self-storage facility visits into your already tight schedule! All you need is a 3D tour and then pick the most suitable unit for your needs from wherever you are, anytime. With 20.1% of retail purchases expected to take place online this year, this development isn't surprising at all. (2)
  • Compare units effortlessly - Feeling on the fence between two storage units? 3D renderings make side-by-side comparisons more explicit. You'll get a detailed picture of the units' size, layout, and features. The result? You get to spend your hard-earned money on the best possible option.


Making the process more efficient

Scheduling and actually attending in-person facility visits take a lot of time. Imagine the frustration when, after all the hours spent, a unit that doesn't meet your expectations greets you! With 3D rendering, you can:

  • Save precious time - Forget about countless self-storage facility visits. 3D rendering allows you to pre-screen your options virtually. Imagine the time and energy you can save with it.
  • Reduce stress - There's no guessing what's the best option for you. 3D rendering empowers you to choose with confidence. And that enhanced certainty reduces stress throughout the selection process.


Creating a positive customer experience

3D rendering also improves customer experience. Here's how:

  • It fosters transparency and trust: 3D rendering helps potential buyers gain a clear understanding of their preferred storage unit. That fosters trust and confidence in the buyer. It benefits a storage unit business, too, considering the fact that 80% of consumers see trust as a deciding factor in their decisions. (3)
  • It offers a modern and interactive approach: 3D rendering is an engaging and interactive tool that makes the selection process an enjoyable and user-friendly experience.

To put it simply, 3D rendering makes the storage unit selection process efficient, convenient, and stress-free.


Potential challenges with 3D rendering in storage units

There's no denying that 3D rendering in storage units offers many benefits. But we must also acknowledge the potential challenges associated with it.


Technology adoption

The adoption of 3D rendering technology can be a hurdle. First, it requires an upfront investment. For a small business owner with a limited budget, that can be an issue. Secondly, navigating a virtual environment in the selection process might be uncomfortable for some potential storage unit buyers. That's especially true for the older generations.


Accuracy concerns

Another concern is the accuracy of the digital models. Poor rendering leads to inaccurate dimensions. And the result of that would be disappointment and wasted time for potential buyers.

Still, the advantages of 3D rendering outweigh the challenges. The technology will only continue to develop. It would mean wider adoption in the coming years.



3D rendering empowers potential storage unit buyers or renters. It does it through virtual tours and interactive features. It leads to a better understanding of the unit. The end result is informed decisions without time and energy wasted on unnecessary facility visits and confusing specifications. Looking ahead, one can expect 3D rendering to continue to provide even greater convenience with new innovative features.


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