How a 3D Model of Your New Home Can Help You Get the Best Insurance Deal Possible

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If you’re thinking about designing your own home from the ground up, then it’s important to use every tool available to achieve the outcome you want. Building a home is a huge commitment in terms of money and time, and taking advantage of innovative new tools is a great way of helping the process run as smoothly as possible.

3D modeling is one of the most useful and powerful of these tools - don’t underestimate just how helpful it is and the benefits it delivers. Not least of which is that getting a 3D model can even help you get the best insurance deal possible.

What is 3D Modeling?

The 3D modeling process involves creating a computer-generated image of your new home using 3D modeling software. The beauty of this process is that the model can be viewed from near-endless angles and infinitely manipulated.

You can easily alter any design element of the 3D model, such as by changing the dimensions of the spaces within the property and altering where interior walls and windows are located. 3D modeling is now used as a standard in construction projects as a means of visualizing the project’s outcome, identifying where things could be optimized, and spotting potential problems.

Range of Design Options

A 3D model allows you to visualize your new home in comprehensive detail. This means you can virtually try out a range of design options to find the perfect choice both aesthetically and functionally. As well as checking out what different indoor spaces in - or the exterior of - your home will look like in different colors or layouts, you’ll also be able to explore a vast array of materials and finishes.

As part of this process, you can weigh up the benefits of different construction materials, and how this will affect a home insurance policy premium. For example, homes constructed using brick are usually cheaper to insure than those built from wood. Given all your hard work designing and getting your new home built, it’s vital to get the peace of mind that a home insurance policy delivers. So when you contact a potential provider to get a home insurance policy quote, be sure to have all the details to hand regarding your new home’s construction. Among other things, it’ll cover the cost of reconstruction should your property suffer damage.

Getting to Grips with Complex Plans

Another key benefit of getting a 3D rendering of your new home is that it allows you to view and understand complex architectural plans. Reading a technical blueprint on paper can be tricky and certainly isn’t the best way to get a realistic picture of what your finished property will look like.

A 3D model, on the other hand, transforms these blueprints into virtual physical reality, so you can see how the spaces will ‘flow’ and exactly what your architect means when she talks about architraves and fenestration. Further, seeing a 3D model is a great way of ensuring that your home is as safe as possible, in terms of fire, by allowing you to properly plan out the spaces. The position and nature of load-bearing walls, for example, are a key consideration in this. You may be able to get the best homeowners insurance deal possible if you’re able to show that your home has been designed to high safety standards.

Identifying Design Flaws

It’s a nightmare scenario: only once your new home is almost finished do you discover a major problem in terms of aesthetics, function, or - worst case scenario - structure. A home that has a major structural problem is not only dangerous but you may well be unable to get a homeowners insurance policy at all.

Spotting a potential design flaw as early as possible in a construction project is vital, allowing you to resolve it quickly. Otherwise, you could be looking at costly and time-consuming work to put things right down the line when all you want is to move in and start enjoying your new home.

Other Benefits of Getting a 3D Model of Your New Home

There are plenty of other advantages of getting a 3D model rendering of your new home. For example, reviewing a 3D model can make the collaboration process between the different parties involved in the construction significantly easier and help keep your projection on budget. Plus, these models will provide you with an accurate ‘street view’ of your property, so you’ll be able to see exactly how your home will look when you pull into the drive after a day in the office.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about - or have begun the process of - designing and constructing your own home, this is a really exciting time. However, in the busyness of everything you’ll no doubt have going on, take the time required to fully and comprehensively carry out the planning stage.

As part of this planning, getting a 3D model of your new home rendered is invaluable. Such a model will enable you to spot any design flaws before construction begins, optimize every element of the building’s design, and could even save you money on your future homeowners' insurance policy. Win, win, win!

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