How Companies Can Use 3D Animated Videos to Improve Workplace Safety and Training.

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Workplace staff and safety training is commonly carried out through a variety of methods including in-person classes, online courses, and materials such as pamphlets and videos. Each of these methods has its benefits and drawbacks, and the choice of method will depend on the needs of the cooperation and the staff and training regulations applying to the company.

Challenges and Opportunities in Experiential Learning and E-Learning

Real-life experience can be a very effective and beneficial way of learning. Unfortunately, in-person hands-on training can be time-consuming and tie up costly equipment. E-learning options can reduce costs and offer flexibility for staff scheduling. Experiential learning can be compromised. Some e-learning companies offer video components to make the material more interesting and effective. Depending on the regulations governing the company’s training, some organizations might be required to have site-specific training. Generic videos and e-learning software would not comply. Some companies offer custom staff and safety training videos. Traditionally these videos have been created using real production methods. Companies offering traditional training videos need expensive equipment, costume and set design, and the use of a facility. These can be costly, and the price is carried over to the customer. The most common methods to assess retention of material are multiple-choice tests, carried out after the training.

RealSpace: Innovating Training with 3D Renders and Interactive Videos

Many companies are still using in-person hands-on training, taking staff away from work and incurring huge costs. We, at RealSpace, are trying to show that there is another option. We can provide site-specific training, using 3D renders and videos. We can provide training on dangerous scenarios that would be too costly for real production video methods to act out, and too risky for in-person training to provide. We offer site-specific training videos, where assessment takes place during the training process. Staff can do the training on any computer, which reduces the time to train. Training is also documented and transparent to all levels of corporate. We offer individual, section, and company-wide reporting. At any time corporate can access the up-to-date training status at various levels. Documentation and transparency can help avoid fines and noncompliance lawsuits.

RealSpace's Unique Approach to Site-Specific Training Scenarios

An example training scenario we, at RealSpace, offer might look something like the following. We provide software for a site-specific training program. Each staff can log onto the software from any computer with a unique username and password that can be repeated monthly, bi-annually, or annually as needed. If the staff member should forget, an e-mail reminder can be sent via the program. When ready, the staff member watches an earthquake training video of the very building he or she is in. The evacuation procedures are specific to that very building. The video shows a potential worst-case scenario. At various steps through the process, the staff member must answer the correct actions, such as what are the crossover floors for your building. If an action is incorrectly done, the staff member will be provided with the correct information and then asked to repeat the video scenario for retention. Answers of each staff through the visual training software are recorded and the progress of each testing can be traced. In follow-up sessions, staff can be tested before watching the videos and if staff members know what to do in a scenario, the staff member will not need to waste corporate time retraining on protocol and procedures.



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