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The data is in, albeit a small sample. Areas of Metro Vancouver saw an immediate effect from the implementation of the foreign buyers tax. According to the Vancouver Sun, August 2016 detached house sales decreased by up to 86% compared to August 2015 sales. It is too early to tell whether the tax has fully dissuaded offshore real estate investors from investing in this market, but it will become increasingly more difficult for realtors to sell property following the status quo. With a record number of licensed realtors now working in BC and the potential for a price correction in the market, new and unique methods will have to be adopted in order to sell homes.

Welcome to the realm of architectural rendering! Where our work boosts buyer confidence especially during the construction planning phase. As we’ve discussed before, it’s important to provide as much information as possible to potential buyers to remove some of their hesitation.   In the month of August Realspace3d saw a massive jump in the number of animations being requested  as markets slowed and developers dealt with concerns around the new 15% tax.  Many who contacted us cited uncertainty with how the market was going to react. This was a major factor in why they were interested in having an animation created.

Real estate agents and development firms have been using visualizations to put home sellers and buyers into homes that haven’t even broken ground yet, all with the help of convincing visualizations of their future home. The capabilities of visual 3D artists has led to more pre-sales than ever before. It allows buyers to see exactly what they are buying, providing well designed housing to those who value good architecture and both exterior and interior design. Also, for those families looking to purchase a new home you can even add that extra layer of purchaser confidence with camera footage of the surrounding area complemented by a 3D animation, like the video below.

Whether you’re in the renovation planning process or attempting to sell a home in pre-sale, give your buyers peace of mind by offering that extra-dimension. Help them see themselves in the home without actually being in it!

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