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Recently we completed a really interesting 3D rendering project creating some images for an eco-tourism company. The project was visualizing several towers and platforms for a zip line project.

We really enjoyed the project because it has some unique challenges, and was a nice change to do a project so based around natural objects and vegetation. When quoting the project we realized that this type of work was very cost effective for the client, as most of the scene was vegetation from our library. This meant that the images were a lot less expensive per image than an architecture project.

We felt that this was a very interesting rendering niche because of all the regulatory and government requirements of the industry. The renders we produced were all showcasing how the company was working to minimize the environmental impact. Even with a background in looking at and working with engineering drawings we were surprised how different the designs were when put in context.

The company that we were working with was very forward thinking, but it got us thinking about how much the rest of the eco-tourism industry could benefit from 3D rendering during the application and approval process. We hope to get to work on similar projects in the future.


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