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A big problem while doing renovations is trying to visualize every aspect of a project before being able to see how it all fits together.  Thanks to our technology we are able to help take some of that guess work out before any costly oversights are made.

One common piece of the puzzle which is overlooked too often by home owners is lighting.  With a background in electrical I was often finding there to be uncertainty with clients in the placement of lights, the number of lights required, the type of light to use in a space and deciding on a colour temperature.  These seemingly minor details can have a major effect on the overall look of a room.  The number of times electricians are asked to add a light here or there once it’s too late is astounding.  This often results in large unforeseen costs which could be avoided by taking that additional final step in planning.

At RealSpace 3D we are able to accurately replicate a variety of lighting scenarios.  We can effortlessly show what a room facing West will look like as the sun sets with either a “cool” 4100 Kelvin Fluorescent light in the ceiling or a “warm” 2700 Kelvin incandescent light located in the corner of the room.

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RealSpace 3D’s fundamental values are to give honest information to our clients so they can make an educated decision when selecting a 3d rendering company to work with. Not all clients have the same budgets, timelines or quality demands and we understand that. We would rather point you in the right direction than take you on as a client under false pretenses. That being said, we are very confident in our ability to deliver high-quality and affordable solutions for our clients and we encorage you to contact us regarding any upcoming projects you may have.


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