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In the current Vancouver, BC market slowdown, the focus has shifted to ways to maximize the sophistication of advertising. This boils down to an increase in marketing investment. One sector that has seen a dramatic increase in its interest and demand is 3D rendering. Those companies that are able to provide exceptional quality, while remaining affordable, are benefiting the most. This is particularly true in real estate marketing and sales.

The real estate market 3D rendering “boom”


Those who are familiar with economics are certainly familiar with the “law of supply and demand”. That law specifies that once there is a demand for a service or product, the price for that demand can increase. This is particularly true in cases in which the supply is limited. However, it should also be noted that if there is a source for this demand that isn’t priced too high, then that source is preferable. An example of this would be the 3D rendering offerings of RealSpace.

This law pretty much describes the need for high quality 3D architectural rendering and real estate marketing. Since the demand for 3D and virtual reality visualization is growing quickly, we can see this supply and demand relationship more clearly. Recently, it has been noted that there has been more than a 15% increase in the number of real estate organizations that are utilising 3D. The reason for this has to do with the success of 3D marketing techniques. It has been shown that clients prefer to see a 3D view of a proposed real estate purchase as opposed to two dimensional blueprint-type presentations.  

While the prices of these services have strived to remain competitive, there are 3D rendering services that have moved ahead of the ‘pack’. These are the services that are not only attractively priced, but are very high quality, as well. This makes it a win-win scenario for those companies and their clients. In essence, this translates into a 3D rendering boom that can only get better as time goes on.

Additionally, the experts have predicted that as 3D and virtual reality technologies increase in sophistication, there will be a significant marketing growth rate. This may amount to, according to the experts, an annual growth of over 25%. Although, that may sound like a far-fetched prediction, this isn’t actually the case. The reasons are relatively obvious.




Cost effectiveness of 3D rendering

3D rendering is a customer-immersive technology. So, right off the bat, the client is significantly involved. This boils down to a new image to present to potential clients and this gets the attention of potential investors. With animated walkthroughs and 3D renderings, the client can get a “feel” of what it would be like to walk through the project that they are deciding to invest in. The need for imagination has been significantly decreased. Before this technology, a real estate marketing presentation would have to rely on the ability of the potential client to imagine the outcome. It also had to rely on the salesmanship abilities of the presenter when it came to “creating” a mental image. However, because they would be dealing with a ‘drawn image’, there would still be a certain disconnect. At that point, the client is only partially connected to the potential project completion. A project walkthrough, courtesy of a 3D rendering, changes all of that.

For cost effectiveness, 3D renderings can save both money and time. The reason for this rests with the fact that models and sketches can be created in a shorter amount of time. In addition, the quality of the output is much higher. This is as good as it gets. Having both quantity and quality coexist is a rarity in the business world. In addition, once the technical aspect of the presentation has been quickly completed, then business aspect of the pitch can begin. Remember, “Time is money”. An unimaginative hand-drawn or two dimensional rendering just can’t accomplish this.

A comprehensive presentation

With 3D rendering, you have more than just a visual approach. A 3D walkthrough presents other components as well. For example, you can also use a 3D walkthrough in order to test a real-life scenario or environmental example. It can also be used in; management, planning and documentation, thus demonstrating its versatility.

Additionally, you will have access to tools that can assist in the management of the project’s life-cycle. All-in-all, 3D architectural rendering is a seamless way to create, manage and present a project. And this translates into seamlessly doing business. These are the main reasons why 3D rendering has raised the bar when it comes to this form of business. Soon, it will be considered a necessity for those who any type of project that relies on renderings for their presentation. Needless-to-say, this goes far beyond just the real estate market. Mechanical engineering and many types of scientific projects will also benefit from 3D and virtual reality visuals.



Not just superficial

One should also remember that 3D architectural rendering is not just for a superficial “show”. While is certainly provides an excellent visual to the client, there is more to it than that. Consider the fact that the dimensions of the 3D model are exact – even down to the smallest detail. With 3D rendering, you have 3D geometry capability that allows for any shape to be created. This includes a simple arc all the way to a complex free-form organic 3D surface. Te best part is that you can create any type of form or surface without compromising the final outcome’s integrity and accuracy.

What does all of this add up to? It’s quite simple. 3D rendering is the future of rendering! It’s not just a ‘fad’ or something that will eventually be forgotten. It’s already been around for a number of years and it’s only becoming more popular. Those companies that have not yet adopted this technology are watching their sales evaporate. Those sales are now showing up on the plates of those companies that utilise 3D rendering. The numbers speak the truth.

As mentioned earlier, this growth can be seen in other sectors, as well. Media, Entertainment. Security, Military Defence and all forms of Advertising have seen the profound effect of 3D rendering assistance. 3D rendering assistance is here to stay and it’s steadily growing. So, if your company can utilise its benefits, then you need to make sure that it’s something that your company has invested in. If not, your company will be left behind. If not now, then it certainly will in the future.

Now and in the future

When you consider the boom-and-bust cycles of business, you know that they can unpredictable as well as inconvenient. But it’s a necessary process within our capitalistic society. They can vary in severity as we can see in the current Vancouver, BC market slowdown. However, those companies that will recover can even be strengthened by this process. For example, those companies that have been prompted to adopt 3D rendering technology, in order to be more competitive, will surely benefit in the long run.

We all remember the huge bubble burst in real estate that occurred in the United States, not too long ago. Fortunately, the real estate market is recovering, albeit slowly. However, this is the best way for any market to recover – methodically and slowly. This allows for greater sustainability. This is surely what will happen with the Vancouver market slowdown. And one of the primary components to that recovery will be 3D rendering technology. That’s because the demand for 3D rendering is rooted in logic and not just “appearance”. In real estate, 3D rendering offers capabilities and tools that two dimensional technologies will never be able to match. And it’s only the beginning.

Market slowdowns and crashes tend to make businesses become more realistic in their practices. That’s because they can’t afford to be complacent. They need to adopt something that actually works well. When you consider the extensive adoption of 3D rendering technology, it becomes obvious that this is the way to go. No “hopeful” guesses. Just realistic solutions are accepted.



In conclusion

There isn’t much more to be said regarding the need for adopting 3D rendering technology by any architectural company (or many other visual-intensive companies). The results are in. It works. It’s an honest presentation of the product that you’re marketing. It’s right there for your client to see and decide to invest in. 3D rendering is the only way to go when it comes to an easy-to-understand and factual presentation that is truly engaging. Because of this, regardless of the current economic climate, a business that makes the sound decision to go with 3D rendering will certainly outlast the “rough spots”. 


Take note. The boom of 3D rendering is nothing to be afraid of, for those who have yet to adopt the technology. With the attractive pricing and exceptional quality of 3D rendering offered by a company like RealSpace, you can rest assured that just about any marketing company can make this wise investment.

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