Site Plans and Floor Plans

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3D Floor Plans

This is one of the best ways to show an overall plan of a house in a clear, visually appealing way.  3d floor plans are basically taking existing prints and turning them into a 3D dollhouse while giving the viewer x-ray vision.  Rather than showing one room at a time the 3D floorplans give an overview of the look and flow of the entire floor.Floor plan

3D Floor Plans for Real Estate Agents

One of the hottest trends lately for more progressive thinking real estate agents is including a 3D floor plan in their marketing campaign for new house listings. 3D floor plans allow prospective buyers the ability to envision the entire space as opposed to pictures which offer only a glimpse. When searching through new house listings it is common for the consumer to attempt to piece together the layout of the house through the single images, often unsuccessfully. Occasionally, this is done intentionally by the listing agent to mislead the potential buyers and attempt to drive in more traffic to the open houses; however, as 3D technology becomes more prevalent and more people expect to see these images in each advertisement suspicions may arise. “What are they trying to hide here?”

With 3D floor plans included in your real estate marketing campaign, whether the building is old or new, you can affordably showcase the “bones” of the house without clients getting too caught up in cosmetic issues like outdated paint or appliances. Clients are far more capable of imagining the potential of a space when it is displayed to them as a more abstract image. Additionally, any future renovations the homeowner may plan on making is able to be explored inexpensively and with full creative freedom.

As the listing agent, the primary goal is to sell your client’s house for as much as possible often within a tight timeline. Being able to fill potential buyers with a sense of confidence and understanding prior to stepping foot into the space can help to drive up offers, especially from foreign buyers who aren’t able to view all potential homes or those who are hesitant to spend time going to another open house which may disappoint.

3D Site Plans

A blueprint of a massive warehouse or apartment complex can be difficult to visualize even for those with lots of experience.  3D site plans help to bridge the gap between technical drawings and end consumers by showing a “zoomed out” top down image of the entire development or construction site.   Sometimes a stunning visual aid can be the difference between approval or rejection when in front of a regulatory body; furthermore, 3D siteplans can be a critical part in helping potential homeowners visualize themselves only steps away from a playground or park.

Site plans, also known as plot plans, are a great way to show a large development in it’s entirety.  They do an excellent job of visually displaying the impact on the environment and how it will fit in with it’s surroundings.  Some other great uses for 3D site plans are Landscape Designs, Waste Management Planning, Environmental Impacts of Mining, Urban planning etc.

2D Floor Plan

2D floor plans are an economical way to show the layout of a house in a much more attractive way than just blueprints.  They can show prospective colour schemes and furniture layouts.

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