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RealSpace provides high-quality 3D rendering and animation services to the Calgary area. We are well-versed in local architecture, ranging from modern contemporary homes in Mount Royal to downtown office buildings. Our experience also includes creating industrial building renderings and aerial site plans that showcase local landmarks like the Calgary Tower and Saddledome.

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What to expect: We offer a range of camera options for you to choose from in the form of clay renders. You can request up to three rounds of revisions at no extra cost to ensure the final result meets your expectations.

Your deliverable will be a high-resolution JPEG image or high-resolution video suitable for digital use. If you require ultra-high resolution for large format printing, we offer an upgrade option.

Customization: We can customize furniture, appliances, and accessories to your specifications. Additionally, you have the option to include 3D or 2D people and pets in your images, adding a sense of life to the scene.

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Exterior Rendering Services for the Calgary Market

If you're looking for superior exterior renderings that bring your architectural projects to life, RealSpace3D is the perfect partner for you. Our team of skilled artists, combined with cutting-edge technology, can transform your design concepts into breathtaking visual representations. Our exterior renderings capture every detail of your project, from the grandeur of Beltline's luxury high-rises to the charm of Bel-Aire's Tudor revival architecture. We pay close attention to the play of light and shadow, the texture of materials, and the overall ambiance, allowing you to present your vision with confidence and clarity.

Whether you're an architect, developer, or real estate professional, our high-quality renderings provide invaluable insights for decision-making, marketing, and client presentations. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your design is accurately portrayed, down to the finest nuances. RealSpace3D's exterior rendering services can unleash the potential of your architectural vision and make a lasting impact in the industry. Trust us to bring your project to life with stunning realism and exceptional attention to detail.

Interior Rendering Services

At RealSpace3D, we specialize in delivering exceptional interior renderings that bring your design concepts to life. Our cutting-edge technology and skilled team of artists will transform your ideas into stunning visual representations with incredible attention to detail. Our interior renderings showcase the elegance of Bridgeland's Scandinavian interiors and the timeless beauty of Elbow Park's Tudor Revival architecture. We capture the interplay of light and shadow, the textures of materials, and the overall ambiance of your project, allowing you to present your vision with confidence and clarity.

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, or homeowner, our high-quality renderings provide valuable insights for decision-making, marketing, and client presentations. We work closely with you to accurately depict every aspect of your design, including the finest details. RealSpace3D's interior rendering services unleash the full potential of your architectural vision, creating a lasting impact in the industry. Trust us to bring your project to life with stunning realism and exceptional attention to detail.

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Residential House Rendering

RealSpace offers specialized packages in Calgary for exterior residential 3D renderings. We take pride in providing high-quality images and exceptional customer service to a diverse range of clients, including large developers and individual homeowners. Our house rendering services can help showcase modern contemporary homes in Mount Royal or tudor revival homes in Mount Royal.

Our company offers two distinct pricing options for our house rendering services. We understand that each client has unique requirements. Some prefer cost-effective house renderings that provide exceptional value, quality, and professionalism. Others seek standout renders that highlight their luxurious homes.

Calgary Aerial Siteplan Rendering Services

RealSpace3D specializes in providing exceptional aerial site plan renderings that bring your architectural projects to life. We utilize cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled artists to transform your design concepts into stunning visual representations. Our site plan renderings showcase every detail, including the grandeur of downtown luxury high-rises and iconic landmarks such as the Calgary Tower, Saddledome, or Bow River.

Our services allow you to showcase your entire project in one image, providing potential buyers, regulatory boards, or stakeholders with a clear understanding of the overall layout. We help you present your vision with confidence and clarity, ensuring that your project is accurately represented.

Commercial & Industrial Renderings

RealSpace3D, located in Calgary, specializes in tailored packages for commercial and industrial 3D renderings. We are the perfect choice for those building new structures in Manchester or Alyth/Bonnybrook. Our steadfast commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service make us a popular choice for a diverse clientele, including large developers and individual homeowners.

Over the past 16 years, we have focused on refining the art of 3D renderings. Our extensive expertise and dedication ensure that every project, whether it’s an office building, retail space, or industrial facility, receives careful attention to detail.

Trust RealSpace3D to bring your commercial or industrial vision to life with stunningly realistic renderings that showcase design, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. We offer a seamless and collaborative experience with our specialized packages, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the final results.

Highrise & Condo Rendering

RealSpace specializes in offering specialized packages for exterior condominium 3D renderings that exceed expectations. Whether it's a modern contemporary style located in Downtown or an urban industrial design in Beltline, we can help. We strongly emphasize quality while also delivering exceptional images and unparalleled customer service. Our services cater to a diverse range of clients, including large developers and individual homeowners, ensuring that each project receives the attention it deserves. RealSpace brings your vision to life with stunning realism and meticulous attention to detail, capturing the essence of a luxury high-rise or showcasing the architectural beauty of a charming condominium. Trust us to transform your exterior condominium designs into captivating visual representations that impress and inspire.

Townhouse Exterior & Interior Architectural Rendering

RealSpace specializes in delivering exceptional exterior and interior architectural renderings for new townhouse developments in Calgary. With our wealth of experience and a track record of satisfied clients, we take pride in providing top-quality services.

Our townhouse exterior renderings reflect our meticulous attention to detail and artistic expertise. We understand the significance of capturing the essence and charm of these residential developments, and our renderings bring them to life with stunning realism. In addition to exterior renderings, we also excel in creating interior architectural renderings that showcase the beauty and functionality of townhouse spaces. We ensure that every aspect, from the layout and design of the living areas to the intricate details of the kitchen and bedrooms, is accurately portrayed, capturing the vision and aspirations of our clients.

At RealSpace, you can expect exceptional attention to detail, a commitment to delivering high-quality results, and a seamless collaboration process. We are passionate about turning your townhouse development into an immersive visual experience, allowing you to confidently present your projects and make a lasting impression on potential buyers and investors.

3D Floor Plans

RealSpace takes pride in offering expertly crafted 3D floor plans in Calgary that excellently showcase the overall layout of a property with clarity and visual appeal. Our 3D floor plans provide a comprehensive understanding of the space, enabling viewers to effortlessly grasp its size, flow, and configuration.

Unlike traditional line drawings, our 3D floor plans eliminate guesswork and offer a realistic representation of the property, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. This allows clients, whether a developer, architect, or real estate professional, to visualize the space accurately. Our 3D floor plans provide an invaluable tool for effectively communicating your vision.

At RealSpace, expect meticulously detailed and accurate 3D floor plans that bring your project to life. Our team understands that every detail matters, from room dimensions to furniture placement, and we ensure that our floor plans capture these elements precisely.

Leave a lasting impression on your clients with a compelling visual experience. Our 3D floor plans offer a powerful tool for showcasing your project's potential, making it easier for clients to make informed decisions and fully appreciate your design.

Case Studies



Service Offered: High-end Exterior House Rendering

Date: 4/5/2022

Purpose: Marketing + Signage

Client: Permit Acquisition Expert Number of revisions required: 3

Location: North West Calgary


In this case study, we present a project that involved creating a high-end exterior house rendering for a new construction project in North West Calgary. The objective was to market the house effectively and attract the target demographic in the area. The project required close collaboration with the client, who provided valuable guidance throughout the process.

Client and Target Market

Our client, a Permit Acquisition Expert, recognized the growing demand for single-family homes in the upper middle-class neighborhood of North West Calgary. With younger families upgrading from townhouses and condos, capturing the attention of this demographic was crucial. Our task was to develop an appealing and accurate rendering that showcased the potential of the house and its features.

Collaboration and Design

Working closely with our client, we embarked on the creation of the high-end house rendering. The rendering would not only be used for marketing and signage purposes but also to assist in finalizing the design details of the house. With the client's guidance, we explored various design options, such as incorporating brick, wood cedar shake, decorative gable pieces, and venting options. By visualizing these choices before the construction began, our client could ensure that all elements worked harmoniously together.

Technical Challenges

While creating the rendering, we encountered a couple of minor technical challenges. One of them was to portray an exciting house rendering using standard afternoon lighting. To achieve this, we employed techniques that utilized shadows and reflections to create depth and make the rendering visually appealing. It was important to capture the essence of the house and its architectural features in a realistic and captivating manner.

Another challenge we faced was accurately depicting the lot, which had a slight incline. Showcasing the house's curb appeal while considering the lot's characteristics was crucial for an accurate representation. By meticulously incorporating the incline and its impact on the overall appearance, we ensured that the rendering provided an accurate preview of the house in its intended location.

Revisions and Client Satisfaction

Throughout the project, our client requested three revisions to fine-tune the rendering according to their preferences. These revisions were essential to ensure that the final product aligned with the client's vision. Our team worked diligently to incorporate the requested changes promptly, ensuring that the client's expectations were met.

Results and Impact

The high-end exterior house rendering created for this project proved to be highly effective in marketing the property. The accurate depiction of the house, its design elements, and the inclusion of the lot's features significantly contributed to capturing the attention of the target demographic. Potential buyers could visualize the house and its potential before the construction even began, leading to increased interest and inquiries.

Moreover, the rendering served as a valuable tool for our client in acquiring the necessary permits for the construction process. Local authorities and permit agencies could review the rendering and gain a comprehensive understanding of the project, facilitating the permit acquisition process.


This case study highlighted the successful collaboration between our team and the Permit Acquisition Expert client in creating a high-end exterior house rendering. By working closely together, we were able to develop a visually appealing and accurate representation of the house, catering to the preferences of the target demographic. Overcoming technical challenges and incorporating client revisions ensured a satisfactory outcome. The rendered images played a vital role in marketing the property and obtaining the required permits. Through this project, we demonstrated the power of high-quality renderings in showcasing the potential of a property and attracting potential buyers.

CASE STUDY 2: Calgary Alberta Self Storeage

Service Offered: Exterior Industrial Rendering
Date: 2/22/2022
Purpose: Marketing + Signage
Client: Design/ Build Company
Number of revisions required: 2
Location: North East Calgary


Design Aesthetic - This rendering project's goal was to create a modern-looking, inviting, clean industrial building. The rendering, which was used for regulatory and marketing purposes, manages to achieve this through a simplistic approach. For this project, we incorporated the logo's colour scheme into the building to create a feeling of cohesion within the branding. The pops of orange created a lovely focal point while being accented by the complimentary blue panelling.


Lighting - Due to the nature of these types of renderings, we steer away from anything too moody or creative. We want to avoid adding distractions to these renderings, specifically, if the images are used as signage around highways, the visual distractions may take away from the central message. This is why we went with a standard sunny afternoon rendering. Like our last case study, we created depth and interest by adding variation to the shadow in the foreground. One of the other tricks we sometimes use in a rendering like this is creating a slight haze on bright lights. Although this effect is subtle, it helps to soften the harshness of some of the brighter whites. 


Landscape - In this rendering, we used indigenous Calgary vegetation to populate the immediate foreground - although we possibly took some creative liberties in "greening" it up a little bit. The primary purpose for positioning the trees as we did is to frame the building better and create a more pleasing composition.

CASE STUDY 3: Banff Alberta 3D House Rendering


Service Offered: High-end Exterior House Rendering
Date: 10/5/2022
Purpose: Marketing + Interior Design Exploration
Client: Realtor/ Developer
Number of images: 10
Number of revisions required: 3
Location: Banff, Alberta


For this 3d project, we worked with a developer who was building a chalet near Banff, Alberta. This project was going to be used to attract investors along with marketing for future short-term renters and vacationers in Banff. Because the target audience for this project was going to be primarily vacationers, it was essential for us to capture what this house had to offer. In addition to showcasing the beautiful interior finishes and high end amenities, we needed to capture the right mood. Part of doing this was incorporating view photography into the 3d render. Other important elements included:

  • The hot tub on the deck.
  • The ski-in/ski-out room.
  • The billiards and games room.
  • Capturing the warmth of the fireplace and open-concept kitchen and dining room.

In addition to creating several interior renderings for this project, we also created a couple of exterior house renderings. These renderings were complete with a light dusting of snow. In general, snow can be a reasonably challenging element to depict accurately in 3d. Although one might think of snow as simply white", it actually picks up many colours from the surrounding environment. Additionally, how light is refracted and absorbed within snow's properties can create extra work to fine-tune the rendering engine to get things just right. That being said, it makes for a unique image when it is done correctly.


The Calgary real estate market has changed in recent years and continues to adjust depending on mortgage rates, employment and immigration. As mortgage rates have increased, the share of home purchases has decreased, specifically in the luxury market. As purchase power decreases the demand for houses in cities outside the core becomes an option for many who had originally hoped to buy in Calgary.

Surrounding areas like Red Deer, Banff, Airdrie and Okotoks account for a surprising amount of our house rendering services.


Conversely, the townhome and condo market is continuing to move rapidly.


As a sprawling city with desirable amounts of sunshine, cheaper housing (relative to Toronto and Vancouver) and good employment opportunity, there is a demand from many deciding to move into the city looking to live more frugally. This is driving the market for condos and townhouses. Many townhouse and condo rendering projects we receive as a company originate in Calgary.


Creating 3D Walkthrough videos can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. Because of this, we typically reserve these services for larger developments and more established companies. We've found many clients located in Calgary to be ideal for this exact reason. 


  • Architects, Designers, Builders and Home owners looking to showcase a new house for presale, regulatory approval or simply to test out some different designs
  • Realtors who are looking to sell homes, either through the use of a 3D Floorplans for existing houses to help clients understand layouts, or to maximize profit during the presale stage of selling
  • Developers and Real Estate Marketing Companies located in and around the Greater Calgary Area appreciate our reasonable prices and our local project management which ensures high quality projects with a smooth revision process.

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