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Residential Rendering Services

Residential Exterior Architectural Rendering

At RealSpace we don’t give flat rates for all Exterior Rendering Projects.  We believe in quoting projects individually as each dwelling can vary so drastically in both scope and overall requirements.  For example, a small rancher requiring an external rendering with just enough detail to gain approval from a regulatory board does not have the same demands as a large townhouse development looking to create a pre-sale marketing campaign based off of images we provide.  That’s why we feel it is best to discuss with you what it is you need and how we can best help you get there.

Who needs 3d Residential Renders?

Custom Home Builders – One of our best customers.  Custom home builders frequently have house renders done.  They have found great benefit in having images created to both gain approval from regulatory bodies and show their clients the house’s styling in an easily understood way.

Homeowners – We have worked with many homeowners who are interested in visualizing what a renovation to their home will look like.  Whether it is a new addition or a fresh coat of paint our services can help you make the right decisions and save you money.

Developers and Real-Estate Agents – When it is absolutely critical to sell your new development quickly it is imperative that you put it’s best foot forward.  Having an exterior render is, in our opinion, the bare minimum.  At Realspace we offer animation services and real estate web design which bring projects to the next level.

Architects – Architects are pros in their own field. They are able to use Sketchup and Revit to create attractive renders; however, we are able to take those to the next level.  We can take presentation drawings or architectural files and turn them into realistic, attractive images and flythroughs.

Creating house renders used to be an expensive and time-consuming process which was only viable for large development companies.  Because of technological advancements in recent years home renders have become accessible for the average consumer.

Use 3d Rendering to Experiment with Colour and Design

Whether you’re a home owner or developer, sometimes the final material decisions can be overwhelming. Looking at images online of existing houses is the most common way to make the decision about paint combinations, however, in recent years we have seen tonnes of clients come to us and ask for a number of finishing options to help them make up their mind.

Showcase a variety of floor plan options for you client

Often times when a residential development is still in it’s planning stages, developers will allow purchasers the ability to select which floor plan they would like to have built on their lot. Providing clients with 3-4 potential options and styles is a great way to offer prospective home owners a say in the matter while keeping designs within a specific scope.

Residential Rendering: Why us?

RealSpace 3d offers top of the line residential rendering services.   We have created hundreds of house renders ranging from top of the line luxury homes to large developments located in tropical locations.  Whether it is a detached home or a high rise we do it all.  We have a vast library of ready to use furniture and vegetation, if we don’t have it we are happy to custom make new models to suit your project.

We use a revolutionary unbiased, physically correct rendering engine to ensure top quality, photo realistic renders.  All our projects are done by experienced artists in-house from our Vancouver based studio.

What sets us apart?

High resolution stunningly beautiful images are compulsory

Fast turn-around time- if your’e in a rush (who isn’t?) we will fit your schedule

Friendly, professional project management.  One of the aspects of the company we are most proud of is our rate of repeat happy customers.

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