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In today's fast-paced real estate market, establishing a compelling online presence is crucial for the success of any development project. This comprehensive guide delves into the multifaceted approach of real estate development branding, highlighting essential strategies ranging from identifying your target audience to leveraging the power of SEO and social media. We explore how to create a lasting impact with high-quality content, targeted advertising, and innovative architectural visualizations. The article underscores the importance of a user-friendly, mobile-optimized website design and the strategic use of analytics to track and refine marketing efforts. Whether you're targeting active individuals or retired couples, this guide provides invaluable insights for developers seeking to effectively market their properties and build a strong brand identity in the competitive real estate landscape.

1.) Real Estate Development Branding

One of the first things to do when creating an online presence for your real estate project is to establish who you are creating it for, what problems you can solve and what they are looking for in their project. Will they be active outdoorsy types or retired empty nesters? What sort of marketing will work best for these potential home buyers?

2.) Allow your new property’s website to be seen by the major search engines.

Some of the best real estate websites and new property development websites go unseen and essentially provide no value to the developer. One challenge with creating a new website to showcase your upcoming property is that the website is only relevant until the property is sold, which hopefully is no longer than 1-2 years. On average, it takes several months for a website to become established and for Google to acknowledge its existence. Because of this spending a lot of time and effort into SEO can be impractical if you’re creating one-off websites for your fresh development. A better alternative when trying to improve your visibility on search engines is creating a branded company website which hosts all past, present, and future projects to allow for the entire site to establish authority and grow your brand identity. In doing this the new development web pages you create can establish themselves in considerably less time and potentially allow you to be found for terms like “New Langley Townhouse Development”. SEO is a long-term project but the payout from it can be massive.

3.) Create excellent marketing content about your development.

Everyone who has looked into marketing online understands that having exceptionally high-quality content is important. Targeting the right keywords and writing well-thought-out, interesting blogs are the fundamentals of any campaign. When writing the content it’s important to keep in mind who the end user is going to be and what will attract them to inquire about the project.

4.) Highly targeted Pay-per-click advertising

Spending money on pay-per-click advertisements is a good short-term solution. It allows you to pay your way into the top 3 spots of Google with a green box showing the searchers that it is a paid ad. If someone is searching for a local development company’s website you can sneak in a relevant advertisement saying what qualities your company offers which may bring leads to your site who normally wouldn’t have found you.

5.) Re-Targeted ads

when someone visits your site they collect so-called “cookies”, google allows you to create an ad to show past visitors on affiliated websites your information along with a picture to resell them on the condo you are selling. It’s as though you can give a gentle nudge to previous site visitors reminding them you are still an option. This allows you to attract qualified potential buyers who may not have been quite ready to fill out a contact form when they first visited your site.

6.) Architectural Visualization

besides creating well-written content, including high-quality architectural rendered images is of the utmost importance. Obviously, as a 3D rendering company, we have our biases here. That being said, in the early stages of your recent development, architectural visualizations and floor plans are the only visual sales tools available to clients. A savvy buyer concerned with build quality may already be concerned if it’s obvious that the developer has gone with the cheapest possible 3d rendering firm. What does this say about them when selecting a carpenter or electrician? Besides still images and animations, 360-degree video or virtual reality show a client that you’re prepared to go above in proving the level of quality you’re planning to offer in their new house.

7.) High-Quality Real Estate Web Design

Going above and beyond in the web layout and quality with your online marketing services can generate buzz about your project and tie into the previous thought about overall project quality. Fumbling through a hacked-together website with hidden buttons and a non-industry standard layout is more frustrating. Websites need to be created so that the user doesn’t have to think about the experience, everything should just work. Floor plans should be integrated with 3d renders and the property’s photography. Creating a modern real estate website for your project’s marketing needs is becoming increasingly important. The transition to mobile web browsing is happening quickly and end users want to look at websites designed for their devices. Ensuring images, video and text all show up properly on all devices is important to the end user and Google.

8.) Social media for developers

Being more than a website is important as a real estate developer, this is an opportunity to show that you have a social conscience and want to build quality homes for people not just take their money. Regularly posting interesting material along with sales pitches to create a more interested following can improve your development’s exposure and confidence in the human side of the business.

9.) Drive traffic through established sites.

Using commonly used websites like REW.ca and Realtor.ca are straightforward decisions but besides the biggest real estate directory websites be sure to target some of the lesser-known sites and multilingual websites to drive traffic from all walks of life.

10.) Track what works for you.

No one thing will act as the silver bullet when marketing. The wider the web you cast the more likely you are to find traction. Depending on the demographic your real estate development is targeting you may have a lot of success with AdWords or you may find social media works best. Covering all your bases is the best way to ensure success and maximize your pre-sales. Tracking your leads through Google Analytics is a must. It’s also possible to take it one step further by using a website which records user experiences and shows where you can improve your conversions.




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