RealSpace has been in business since 2007 with offices in historic Gastown. We offer a wide variety of 3D rendering services to clients from Vancouver and around the world. 

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A few of the services we offer.

3D Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering is the process of creating computer-generated images from architectural plans. 

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Condo Rendering

RealSpace offers high quality rendering services for Highrise buildings

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House Rendering

We have a large portfolio showing our experience with exterior house renders

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Interior Rendering

Realspace offeres stunning interior renders for projects ranging from small bathrooms to large offices.

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3D Animations

Bring your project to life with a stunning 3D animation. Exteriors, Interiors, Products, and more.

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Product Rendering

We offer product renders for small inventions, promotional materials, or even rough concepts. 

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3D Floorplan Renderings

Show the layout of the entire suite in one image from a top down view with furniture and custom design.

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Virtual Reality Services

The next step in 3D rendering services includes a fully immersive 360 degree viewing experience. Ideal for Real Estate and training.

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Architectural Visualization Process

Architectural rendering is the process of converting a 3D architectural model to a 2D image or animation. These are called architectural renders or architectural renderings, and may be photorealistic or stylized.

Architectural rendering is primarily used in the design and sale of buildings because it lets design decisions and sales to be made before the building is actually built. Renderings can help to communicate ideas and speed up negotiations and approval processes.

What is Architectural Rendering?

Imagine having this amazing story or concept in your head. You’ve got all the major plot points, the main characters, and you even decide you’ll make it into a movie trilogy. Now the only thing that’s keeping you from pitching your story and getting it produced is the fact that you and your producer speak entirely different languages. 

Architecture works out a bit like that. What may be a very clear picture in the mind of architects, engineers and construction experts, may appear to be complete gibberish to the average person.  Some clients may need to present this output to their bosses and investors for funding, while others may need it to communicate with contractors. This is where we come in, the creation of easily understood visuals to represent how complicated blueprints and engineer's drawings come together in the real world. This process is usually referred to as architectural visualization or architectural rendering.


The ideal company should be approachable. They should readily be available via e-mail or phone to answer any inquiries, concerns, or suggestions you may have. If the architects can be reached in person, physical appointments should be one of the services they offer. 


There’s no surefire way to test one’s reliability, but you can take a glimpse of the company’s track record by what previous customers have to say. If the reviews have been mostly positive, there’s a high chance the company may be a great partner for the project in mind. 

Similar creative direction

The architectural rendering company you work with must have a similar creative vision to yours. Your potential partner must also have the appropriate skills to flesh out your idea to a rendering. You can assess if the architectural visualization company has similar creative direction through their portfolio.


Common questions about architectural visualization

Once you’ve found a 3D rendering company you want to work with, there may be some questions you need to ask to clarify things before the project starts. Listed below are the most common (and important!) questions clients ask when using an architectural visualization service.


“How do you determine your prices?”

Some companies charge by the hour, while others charge in bulk for the whole assignment. Whatever the method, the company should be very clear on how it  calculates prices. There should be clear guidelines on additional costs, rush hour fees, and other services that may cost extra. A good 3D rendering company will be very transparent about its cost calculations. To start, you can request a quote from the company via their websites or email. This usually gives a rough estimate on how much they would charge you to create your plan. RealSpace 3D provides an instant 3D Rendering pricing calculator so that you can begin to estimate the cost for your architectural rendering project.


“How long will it take to finish the project?”

Companies can offer you to check on the project’s progress in milestones, or only after the work is complete. It’s best to ask this question for you to help reach a compromise with the company, or see if they can accommodate a short-notice deadline. Just remember: the shorter the deadline, the pricier the cost!


“Can we do a trial run?”

Like buying a car, a test run is sometimes the only way to know if your company is a good fit to your needs. Asking for a paid test run is perfectly fine, as long as the workload and deadline are realistic enough. Before you ask for a trial hiring period, be sure to know what portion of the concept you’d like the architect to do, as this will serve as a sample. Discuss with the company how they usually go about trial runs, and reach a settlement—or compromise.


There are a number of 3D rendering companies that may fit the bill. RealSpace 3D is one of the best in the business. RealSpace 3D has done a variety of architecture visualization work-- from rendering a residential house exterior to depicting an industrial mid-size high rise. We’ve collaborated with big industrial brands like Fluor, Pinnacle International, Bentall Kennedy, Teck, and more—proof that we’re a trustworthy company for big brands and individual clients alike.

Realspace 3D is a one-stop shop for anyone’s architectural rendering needs. Aside from our 3D rendering services, we also offer 3D animation, websites, and marketing—perfect for those looking to pitch an idea!

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