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RealSpace, a premier architectural visualization company, was established in 2007 in the vibrant Gastown district of Vancouver. Since our inception, we have nurtured strong partnerships with local developers and architects, fostering enduring relationships within the thriving architecture and building community.


Our deep-rooted presence in Vancouver has given us a wealth of experience and an intimate understanding of the local real estate market. This expertise enables us to deliver exceptional services tailored to our clients' unique needs and preferences.


At RealSpace, we collaborate closely with talented local photographers, allowing us to integrate authentic views and locations into our visualizations seamlessly. By capturing the essence of the surrounding environment, we ensure that our work showcases the property itself and highlights its harmonious relationship with its surroundings.

Whether you're envisioning an exclusive waterfront project in the prestigious West Vancouver area or a luxurious condominium development in Langley, RealSpace is your trusted partner. Our comprehensive range of services are designed to help you effectively showcase your project, captivate potential buyers, and bring your vision to life.

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Architectural Visualization Process

Architectural rendering, an indispensable tool in the field of architecture, involves the transformation of a three-dimensional architectural model into visually compelling two-dimensional images or animations. These creations, known as architectural renders or renderings, can exhibit either photorealistic qualities or stylized aesthetics, depending on the desired outcome.

The primary application of architectural rendering lies in the design and marketing of buildings, as it empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and facilitate sales even before the physical construction takes place. By providing a realistic representation of the proposed structure, renderings effectively communicate design concepts, enabling architects, clients, and other parties to visualize the final product and engage in meaningful discussions.

Through the use of architectural renderings, complex ideas and intricate details can be communicated with remarkable clarity, simplifying the negotiation and approval processes. By visually conveying the envisioned space, materials, lighting, and overall ambiance, renderings contribute to accelerated decision-making, expediting project timelines and enhancing collaboration among project stakeholders.

Furthermore, architectural renderings offer the flexibility to explore various design options and iterate on concepts without incurring the costs and time associated with physical construction. This freedom to experiment and refine designs contributes to the production of innovative and optimized architectural solutions.

In summary, architectural rendering serves as a powerful tool that transcends traditional design practices, allowing architects and developers to showcase their visions, solicit feedback, and streamline decision-making processes. By harnessing the visual impact and persuasive potential of architectural renders, professionals in the industry can elevate their projects, captivate audiences, and ultimately bring their architectural dreams to life.

What is Architectural Rendering?

Architectural rendering plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the intricate world of architectural design and the diverse range of individuals involved in the realization of those designs. It serves as a powerful tool for effective communication, transforming complex blueprints and technical drawings into visually compelling representations that can be easily understood by all stakeholders.

Consider the analogy of having an extraordinary story or concept in your mind, complete with captivating plot points and compelling characters. To bring this story to life on the big screen, you need to convey your vision to a producer who may not speak the same creative language as you. Similarly, architects often face the challenge of communicating their design ideas to clients, investors, or contractors who may not possess the same level of architectural expertise.

Architectural renderings address this challenge by providing a visual language that transcends technical complexities. They enable architects, engineers, and construction experts to transform their clear mental images into tangible representations that resonate with a wider audience. By combining artistic skills and technological tools, architectural visualization brings clarity and accessibility to what may otherwise appear as gibberish to the average person.

The benefits of architectural rendering are manifold. For clients seeking funding or approval, these visuals become essential in presenting their projects to bosses, investors, and decision-makers. Renderings vividly illustrate the potential and value of a design, facilitating buy-in and support for the project.

Moreover, architectural renderings play a vital role in facilitating effective communication with contractors during the construction phase. By presenting a cohesive and easily understood visual representation, renderings help ensure that the building process aligns with the original design intent, minimizing misunderstandings and errors.

Architectural visualization, also known as architectural rendering, encompasses the process of creating these valuable visual representations. It leverages advanced 3D modeling and rendering software to transform complex blueprints and engineer's drawings into realistic and immersive images or animations. The result is a powerful medium that conveys the essence of a design, its spatial qualities, materials, and lighting, enabling stakeholders to engage with and comprehend the proposed project.


Common questions about architectural visualization

Once you have selected a 3D rendering company you wish to collaborate with, you may have certain questions that require clarification before commencing the project. Below are the most frequently asked (and crucial!) questions that clients inquire about when utilizing an architectural visualization service.


“How do you determine your prices?”

Some companies charge by the hour, while others charge in bulk for the whole assignment. Whatever the method, the company should be very clear on how it  calculates prices. There should be clear guidelines on additional costs, rush hour fees, and other services that may cost extra. A good 3D rendering company will be very transparent about its cost calculations. To start, you can request a quote from the company via their websites or email. This usually gives a rough estimate on how much they would charge you to create your plan. RealSpace 3D provides an instant 3D Rendering pricing calculator so that you can begin to estimate the cost for your architectural rendering project.


“How long will it take to finish the project?”

Companies may provide options for reviewing the project's progress in milestones or only upon completion. It is advisable to inquire about this aspect in order to find a suitable arrangement with the company or determine if they can accommodate urgent deadlines. Keep in mind that shorter deadlines typically incur higher costs.


“Can we do a trial run?”

Like buying a car, a test run is sometimes the only way to know if your company is a good fit to your needs. Asking for a paid test run is perfectly fine, as long as the workload and deadline are realistic enough. Before you ask for a trial hiring period, be sure to know what portion of the concept you’d like the architect to do, as this will serve as a sample. Discuss with the company how they usually go about trial runs, and reach a settlement—or compromise.


There are a number of 3D rendering companies that may fit the bill. RealSpace 3D is one of the best in the business. RealSpace 3D has done a variety of architecture visualization work-- from rendering a residential house exterior to depicting an industrial mid-size high rise. We’ve collaborated with big industrial brands like Fluor, Pinnacle International, Bentall Kennedy, Teck, and more—proof that we’re a trustworthy company for big brands and individual clients alike.

Realspace 3D is a one-stop shop for anyone’s architectural rendering needs. Aside from our 3D rendering services, we also offer 3D animation, websites, and marketing—perfect for those looking to pitch an idea!

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