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10 Reasons to use VRay for Architectural Rendering

  Why is Vray so popular among 3D artists and why is it  Vray and Architectural Rendering work so well together? The rendering powerhouse is used to create 3D models, special effects, and graphic design. V-Ray has been the most sought-after program on the market. Although the software doesn’t retail for cheap, it has remained a popular choice for designers since its launch in 2007. This begs the question: what makes it so good?  

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Most Popular 3D Rendering Software

There are countless options for 3D Artists to choose from when it comes to 3d Rendering programs, we take a quick look at some of the most popular options and give our takes on which ones are the best.

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Technological Evolution of Architectural Rendering

Architecture has been around, in one form or another, for as long as civilization has been. We go through the ages from ancient Egyptions through to moden-day, examining how architecture has changed over the years as well as the ways in which we plan, view and record architectural designs.

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What is CGI

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) has become a common tool in today’s graphics industries. The term has been used in various tech discussion groups and has become a mainstay in today’s entertainment and design industries. It can also be referred to as 3D Rendering.

CGI has been used in a variety of methods. Whether it’s for commercial, production, or entertainment purposes, it has become a tool to push these said industries to do better.

However, CGI has always been a bit of a vague subject. Aside from the special effects in our action movies, what exactly is CGI?

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Featured Project : Brody Development

Project: COVO

Location: North Vancouver

Project Website:  COVO Living

Developer: Brody Development Group

Developer Website: Brody Development

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