The Effects of Technological Advancements on 3d Modeling and Animation

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Recent advances in technology permit rapid computing speeds, bringing 3D modeling and animation to new markets. The decrease in rendering times makes modeling and animation more financially accessible.

With a faster turnover and cheaper product, entrepreneurs are turning to technology to bring their ideas to life for investors. Be it a new restaurant chain, or an inventor with a unique product idea, a growing trend for attracting investors is to use 3D modeling and animation. Along with traditional methods for presenting designs and ideas, such as drawings and small-scale models, renders of a 3D model and animated video are being included.

For example, a team of entrepreneurs is putting together a presentation for their new start-up for an angel investor. The idea is to create a total care carwash with a tropical vibe. Car’s come in one area to be vacuumed, then are driven to the main building to be washed. Customers can wait in the main building that has a tropical design. Such an oasis is difficult to describe in writing, and a few 2D drawings might not create the dream experiences for investors to create hype. Entrepreneurs are now seeking support from 3D visualization companies, to add a few renders of a 3D model of the carwash. The renders of the 3D model can be projected onto the wall on a large scale, so that investors feel like they are in the carwash. Even better yet, the 3D model can be animated, so that the entrepreneurs can show a fly through of the actual carwash. Or the 3D model can be animated from the perspective of a customer, walking through the carwash. Details can be added, such as the sound affect of the cars being washed, to the sound of the customer walking through the carwash. 3D models and animation are not only useful for presenting buildings, entrepreneurs are having products modeled and animated. For example, an entrepreneur has an idea for new cell phone holder. This product can be modeled in 3D, in various colour schemes, and rendered, as well as an animated video of how the product would work. This method can replace an actual product demo. With these additions to the presentation, entrepreneurs can create the experience of their start-up idea. The dream of the project can be communicated in ways that were recently impossible.

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