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In recent months a trend has started to reveal itself with our services.  Typically we work with architects, real estate agents, developers and home owners to help sell or design specific rooms in a house.  The most popular interior renders are the kitchen, living room, master bedroom or dining room.  Exterior images continue to be the most popular service, averaging 2 images per house or development.  In addition to the regular demand for these images among our company, we have started to get a number of requests for projects which focus on specific elements of home designs.  Requests to show a number of marble countertops within a kitchen, projects showing a wide range of tile products, flooring companies have begun to figure out the benefits of 3d rendering.

This is a natural evolution of the technology, in my opinion, as the awareness of 3d rendering becomes more mainstream companies less familiar to the industry will begin to see the benefits of having images created to showcase their products in the most cost-effective way.

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For example, a company who sells a wide range of marble tiles could have hundreds of different products with a wide range of variations of their installation.  In order for them to accurately show off their products in real world situations they would need to either have installations photographed professionally which is both time consuming and expensive or they can come to us and have 3d renders created.  We are able to take one room and apply hundreds of different tile styles to the same space.  This opens up options of having an online product builder for customers to visualize the products in similar rooms as their homes and see how a number of different products look together.

Another trend in interior rendering we are seeing is custom home builders using our services to help the in the design process.  Often times they will send us plans which are not fully completed.  After we have the initial 3d modeling completed we will use skype’s screen sharing to work in real-time with the developers to make changes and update the design of their project as we go.

One of the most exciting developments in our industry is the use of drones along with 3d rendering.  Due to drones becoming more accessible it has become possible for a company like ours to purchase drones which are perfect for capturing views from apartment renders and also showing how a new development will blend into it’s new environment.  We have had great success working with developers compositing the architectural rendering of a future townhouse development into an existing plot of undeveloped land.  These images were shown to regulatory bodies and city planning committees to help gain approval for the development.  This is a service we are currently only able to provide for projects in the metro Vancouver area, however with the global nature of our economy in the right scenario a partnership with local drone photographers could be possible all over the world.


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