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Realspace was established in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada. We have been perfecting our craft of architectural rendering since then and are now widely considered one of North America's top architectural rendering companies. We have 19 google reviews with an average rating of 5 stars. We have successfully completed thousands of renders and continue to improve our skills, workflow and service.

Despite our location being outside of New York, a large amount of work we do originates from the city. This is likely for a few reasons, but one of the most significant factors is the sheer volume of work in the city of New York, in addition to the cost of operating a business within the city. High overhead costs in New York would drive the pricing for renderings up for companies located there, which gives us an advantage.


3d Rendering pricing varies heavily depending on the scope of the project. We offer services that range from house renders starting around $450USD to Condo Aerial renderings which can be in the $1500+ range. Because this wide range, it isn't super effective to speculate on price which is why we welcome people to view our pricing page and use our pricing calculator. We also can provide a quick, no obligation quote on your project through email.


We have worked with many different types of clients within New York. They range from the biggest companies to small-scale developers. 

In New York, we get a lot of projects which are retrofits and renovations to existing spaces. Because of the expensive real estate, clients often want to see what their renovation will look like before investing time and money into the project. There is also a lot of consideration put into aspects like skylines and shadow studies within the city. These projects come in from all types of clients, such as: homeowners, realtors, designers, construction companies, developers, marketing agencies etc.

In addition to residential projects, we also get a lot of commercial projects because of the storefront turnover. For example, we often do projects for new restaurants, hotels, clothing stores etc. These projects are unique and diverse which is a nice change of pace from the status quo.

Why do we love working on projects in New York?

We always enjoy working with our New York clients because of their organization, strong project visions and passion for their projects. Because of the higher price of real estate in New York, many clients have a bit more budget to play with for marketing. This means we can often do several images of the building or explore additional services like animation or virtual walkthrough services.

One of our favourite projects to work on in New York is high-end condo animations. 

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CASE STUDY 1: East Village Mixed Use Rendering


Service Offered: High-end Exterior Rendering
Date: 4/8/2022
Purpose: Approval and Marketing
Client: Architect
Number of revisions required: 2
Location: East Village - New York City

Project Specifics:

This project was an exciting mixed-use exterior rendering from East Village in New York. It was a renovation to an existing building. We spent about three days creating the clay rendering, four days for the first draft and two rounds of revisions. The final product was ready in about two weeks. The final image resolution was 9000x9000 pixels and 300DPI. The client for this project was an architect working through us to get regulatory approval initially, followed by marketing and signage used to attract leasing offers.

Render Design Aesthetic

This rendering is quintessential New York in many ways, with the classic brick building look and taller glass buildings in the background. The renovation combines traditional and modern designs seamlessly.


East Village is known for its lively nightlife, so we elected to do an early evening shot. The slightly dimmer environmental lighting allows us to create a warm glow by lighting the interior of the building along with the planned exterior lights. It also gives us a chance to populate the scene with an entourage of patrons on all three floors in the foreground and a rooftop party going on upstairs.

Colour Composition

We were fortunate that this building's bricks create a massive pop of colour, highlighted by additional exterior lights. Contrasted with a somewhat muted blue sky, we managed to tie this image together.


CASE STUDY 2: New York Rooftop Patio Render

Service Offered: Exterior Rendering
Date: 2/5/2022
Purpose: Marketing
Client: Event planning
Number of revisions required: 1
Location: SoHo - Lower Manhattan

Design Aesthetic - This rendering project's goal was to create an upbeat, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere of high rollers for a charity event. The rendering was used as a series of images designed to generate interest in an upcoming event. Although the primary purpose for this set of renderings was to generate buzz, it also served a secondary goal of helping the event planners visualize various issues which could arise with their setup.


Lighting - One of the keys to creating a high-quality 3d rendering is dynamic lighting. In this image, we set the mood by using a tree positioned behind the camera, in line with the sun to add some unique shadow within the environment. This simple technique disrupts the light enough to add variation in the foreground on the canvas tent, it also acts to create depth in what would have otherwise been a very washed-out-looking white material reflecting the full force of the sunshine.


Landscape - Although this rendering takes place on a rooftop, the rooftop is surrounded by greenery. A sort of oasis within the city of New York hundreds of feet in the air.


Project Challenges - A challenge 3D artists often face is creating a natural-looking combination of people who fit the right environment, demographic and situation. There are two basic approaches to population 3D rendered images; the first is using cutout 2D people in post-production, and the second is using 3D models of people. When working with 3D people, as this scene does, you can create a natural-looking image. That is to say, the lighting, depth and scale of the people appear correct, but you are limited by the 3D models available in your library. In addition to the limited people, there are few clothing options, only basic pre-posed actions, etc. Fortunately, our 3d library is relatively vast and growing, so we can accurately depict the correct people needed for this shot. On the other hand, 2D entourages, although more varied and endlessly available, often stand out as not fitting into the scene, whether it is because of the scale needing to be more accurate or the lighting looking unnatural 


Design Aesthetic - This rendering project's goal was to create a modern-looking, inviting, clean industrial building. The rendering, which was used for regulatory and marketing purposes, manages to achieve this through a simplistic approach. For this project, we incorporated the logo's colour scheme into the building to create a feeling of cohesion within the branding. The pops of orange created a lovely focal point while being accented by the complimentary blue panelling.


Lighting - Due to the nature of these types of renderings, we steer away from anything too moody or creative. We want to avoid adding distractions to these renderings, specifically, if the images are used as signage around highways, the visual distractions may take away from the central message. This is why we went with a standard sunny afternoon rendering. Like our last case study, we created depth and interest by adding variation to the shadow in the foreground. One of the other tricks we sometimes use in a rendering like this is creating a slight haze on bright lights. Although this effect is subtle, it helps to soften the harshness of some of the brighter whites. 


Landscape - In this rendering, we used indigenous Calgary vegetation to populate the immediate foreground - although we possibly took some creative liberties in "greening" it up a little bit. The primary purpose for positioning the trees as we did is to frame the building better and create a more pleasing composition.

CASE STUDY 3: Brooklyn Rendering Project

Service Offered: High-end Exterior Residential Rendering
Date: 7/5/2022
Purpose: Strata Approval
Client: Property Manager
Number of images: 5
Number of revisions required: 3
Location: New York City

We were contracted to do this rendering to work through some regulatory issues in strata and finalize design details. The building was an existing medium-density residential condo looking to make minor modifications to the property. We love how this rendering came together; the brick works so nicely with the dusk lighting and warm interior glow. The relaxed lighting rig we used on this project allows a little more emphasis to go toward the open courtyard present in the windows of the third floor.


3D Rendering in New York City


As a bustling metropolis, New York's need for larger scale 3d rendering projects is one of the highest in the United States. Because of this, many of our largest projects, including highrise rendering projects and large townhouse developments, originate from the New York and Greater New York Area.

In addition to these large scale building renders we have done a number of projects which involved 3d city planning. These projects often utilized our skills and knowhow to show how different transit changes could impact the area visually and how the changes may impact growth in certain locations.


Creating 3D Walkthrough videos can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Because of this, we typically reserve these services for larger developments and more established companies. We've found many clients located in New York to be ideal for this exact reason. Many developers in New York tend to be more established than other parts of the United States simply because of the size of the city. 

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