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RealSpace 3d has been around since 2007, and we have been steadily growing to become one of the top 3d rendering companies in Canada during this time. We offer a wide range of 3d architectural rendering solutions to clients ranging from small-scale house renders in less affluent locations around Ontario to High-end animation services of some of the most recognizable buildings in the downtown Toronto core.

Because of the nature of 3d architectural rendering services, we are not necessarily constrained to work with clients from within a specific location. We typically prefer receiving our information through email (in the form of CAD files or PDF's), meetings are predominantly done virtually, and we can transfer final output files from anywhere. Payment for projects done within Canada are simplified and in Canadian dollars.

Although it is not overly relevant where renderings are created there is an unspoken element of being able to capture a "vibe" of a city accurately, we pride ourselves in specializing in Toronto's unique real estate market. Furthermore, we are familiar with the stylistic needs of our clients, demographics, environment, and significant price points.

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RealSpace 3D Toronto Rendering Case Studies:

The Toronto market has changed recently, and with fewer condos being sold, there is more need to promote the features that set your building apart, whether in the presale market or in a build-to-rent scenario. 

There are several considerations the developer needs to take into account when marketing their condos in 2023.

  • rental/ purchase price for set demographic
  • living space requirements for set demographic
  • amenity space features vs cost to build
  • style - interior/ exterior

In some of our recent Toronto projects, we had the chance to explore very different approaches to this concept.

Case study 1: Toronto Condo with amazing amenity space

Toronto is a high-paced city with a lot of white-collar working professionals. These people often have a flexible work environment, which can include occasionally working from home. Since Covid19, the need to have workspaces available in an amenity space has increased. In addition to the desire to work where they live, more people are choosing to exercise within their building's gym - something that used to be an underutilized feature. Changes to our behaviours as a society must be reflected to serve potential clients best.

We have recently worked with some of the largest developers based in Canada to put together some very in-depth Animated Walkthrough which showcase new and exciting highrise development projects. These projects focused on a particularly modern style and worked to encapsulate the young professional Toronto resident's essence. 

From trendy art selections to furniture design, we worked closely with this developer to piece together one of our premier animation pieces. The primary focus of this 3d walkthrough was to showcase a state-of-the-art amenity space. The amenity space, complete with Gym and Yoga studio, were just a small aspect of the walkthrough. Additional spaces showed various lounge and communal work areas within the amenity spaces, rooftop patios, pools, saunas etc. The combination of work and play within one building allows for more social gatherings among neighbours and gives occupants the ability to host larger gatherings that would otherwise not be possible within the confines of their relatively small suites. 

Case Study 2: Condo/townhouse development outside the Toronto core (Markham)

This project was one with slightly different goals than most animation projects we work on in the Toronto area. This project was a larger-scale, exterior-focused animation with a lower price point for their client. The animation's purpose was to show off the greenspace and community, which would be central to the buildings in this development. Because this project's scope was more about community and exterior renderings, we elected to use Lumion for the animation. This decision allowed for increased movement within the animation, as Lumion's strength is its ability to easily include a variety of people in the scenes with fairly natural walk cycles and basic interactions with the setting. Our standard rendering engine, although more realistic, is not as good at bringing movement into the shots - specifically people. In addition to the lumion-based animation, we provided aerial renderings with our standard software (higher capacity for photo realism) to merge in drone images of the city's backdrop. The result for this project was the best of both worlds, allowing for high-realism images and animations with ample "life" added to the video. Check out more of our Condo Renderings.

Case Study 3: Townhouse renders for surrounding neighbourhoods around the GTA

As many people are becoming priced out of owning in the downtown core of Toronto, an increasing number of Torontonians are moving into surrounding neighbourhoods like Eglinton West, Pickering, Markham, Oakville, Vaughan, Etobicoke, and Brampton to purchase a townhouse, as such another popular service we offer is Townhouse Rendering.

Many of these prospective buyers are young families who still aspire to have access to amenities they've become accustomed to having while living in the city. One of the major features we have seen for these types of purchases is rooftop patio renders. This space can often present the opportunity to add a hot tub on the deck or it can provide additional room to entertain guests.

Case Study 4: House renders for Toronto Suburbs

House Rendering in Toronto are our most common projects by volume. Because we offer a range of price points in this market, we have projects which range from our more affordable renders - (generally houses with a lower marketing budget) to our more high-end premium house renders, often seen in neighbourhoods like Bridal Path or Forest Hills. The cost of a house render ranges from about $550+HST to 850+HST. We offer a calculator to help you figure out where your project's price may land for you. In addition to standard house renders, we frequently have paired the exterior shot with one of our 3D Floorplans.

Case Study 5: Cottage renders within the Muskoka Ontario region

Another area we have seen a considerable amount of work in is creating cottage renders in the Muskoka region of Ontario. Located a couple of hours North of Toronto, this area is known for being a hot spot for those looking to get away from their busy lifestyle for a long weekend.

We typically do several cottage renders in this area a year. Clients who hire us to create these images generally want to convey a luxurious but rustic feel. Exposed woods, stones and a view of the lake are typically vital elements of these images.


Realspace 3d Rendering Services in Toronto:

Toronto House Visualizations

The Toronto real estate market has had its ups and downs in the last number of years, however, the average price of detached homes is still over 1 million dollars. Because of this, the possibility to invest in house renderings in Toronto still exists. Our house rendering services provide clients with their choice of high quality, affordable renders or top of the line custom home rendering services.

Toronto Townhouse and Condo 3d Visualizations

As a bustling metropolis toronto’s need for larger scale 3d rendering projects is the highest in Canada. Because of this, many of our largest projects, including highrise rendering projects and large townhouse developments, originate from the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

In addition to these large scale building renders we have done a number of projects which involved 3d city planning. These projects often utilized our skills and knowhow to show how different transit changes could impact the area visually and how the changes may impact growth in certain locations.

Animation Services in Toronto

Creating 3D Walkthrough videos can be a time consuming and labour intensive process. Because of this, we typically reserve these services for larger developments and more established companies. We've found many clients located in Toronto to be ideal for this exact reason. Many developers in Toronto tend to be more established than other parts of Canada simply because of the size of the city. 

Who uses our 3d rendering services in Toronto?

  • Architects, Designers, Builders and Home owners looking to showcase a new house for presale, regulatory approval or simply to test out some different designs
  • Realtors who are looking to sell homes, either through the use of a 3D Floorplans for existing houses to help clients understand layouts, or to maximize profit during the presale stage of selling
  • Developers and Real Estate Marketing Companies located in and around the Greater Toronto Area appreciate our reasonable prices and our local project management which ensures high quality projects with a smooth revision process.

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