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At RealSpace we believe in quoting premium estate rendering projects individually as each property can vary so drastically in both scope and overall requirements.  

For example, a luxurious vacation villa over looking a tropical sunset in Bora Bora where a client is looking at short term rentals needs to sell both the high-end architecture while also creating an emotional response to the surrounding ocean front views. 

This rendering's needs would vary greatly compared to that of a mansion located in Vancouver where the prospective buyer may be someone from overseas.

Which is why we feel it is best to discuss with you what it is you need and how we can best help you get there.

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Luxury Real Estate 3D Visualizations

As a Vancouver 3D Visualization company it is hard to ignore some of the amazing mansions in the area. Luxury home realtors in Shaughnessy, the British Properties and Point Grey are often marketing new properties for sale with a price tag of well over 20 million dollars. These bespoke estates often have picturesque views and are custom architectural masterpieces. To do a standard rendering for these types of houses would fail to do the property justice.

This is why we offer premium 3d rendering services.

Our highest quality tier for home visualizations allows us to create 3d renders that look as stunning as the high-end homes they are selling.


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How Much Does A Custom High-End House Visualization Cost?

The price of a high end custom 3d render depends upon the complexity of the building and your own personal needs.  In our opinion there is no cookie cutter price to give to every project as each project is unique. For a little more information regarding 3D rendering pricing check out our guide

Creating renders used to be an expensive and time-consuming process which was only viable for large development companies.  Because of technological advancements in recent years home renders have become accessible for the average consumer. If you need a basic house rendering check out our standard 3d house rendering page.


High End Residential Rendering: Why Us?

RealSpace 3d offers top of the line residential rendering services.   We have created hundreds of house renders ranging from top of the line luxury homes to large developments located in tropical locations.  Whether it is a detached home or a high rise we do it all.  We have a vast library of ready to use furniture and vegetation, if we don’t have it we are happy to custom make new models to suit your project.


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