Featured Project: Zaubens Green Buildings in Chicago

Company: Zaubens

A green building design consultancy firm specializing in green roofs and living walls.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

For these 3d renders, Zauben did not provide a specific address; however, our task was to focus on creating images for their Chicago campaign.

Background 1-Final7 verysmall.jpg

Purpose: Create stunning 3d Images to generate excitement for potential investors in green buildings

Recently we were contracted to work on an inspiring architectural rendering project to showcase some conceptual green building designs in the Chicago area. The purpose of these renderings was to contribute to a campaign that will, hopefully, convince authorities green buildings are the future.

Zaubens Green Building Overview:

Aside from their appearance, which at this time feels a little bit alien to us, these buildings are fantastic for the environment and can be sustainable economically. 

These rendering concepts fill us with optimism about the future, and we hope that in creating these renderings, we've played a small part in starting this green revolution.


Benefits of Green Buildings:

Green buildings are associated with several practical lifestyle and economic benefits compared to those living in a typical city, or "concrete jungle". 

There is a reason people crave going on hikes; our brains are wired to be in nature, not surrounded by concrete and steel. It has been shown that just a 20-minute walk in nature can reduce all inflammatory markers in our bodies. Furthermore, being surrounded by plants increases our sense of wellbeing and productivity in the workplace while reducing stress. 

Reduced air and noise pollution, would further improve our life in the city should we move towards a predominantly green building architectural revolution. 

Although improved happiness, health, productivity, and overall human wellness alone should be sufficient to encourage change in our cities, corporations and lawmakers often require more quantifiable numbers to be convinced. (Aka, how much more money can they make?)

Fortunately, green buildings also improve the bottom line in the long term. These savings are seen through reduced energy demand for things like "urban heat island effects", reduced need for air conditioning, and heating, natural gas savings, and presumably health care.


Final thoughts:

In addition to being excited about working on a unique visualization project, such as this, we were especially humbled to be entrusted with the responsibility of creating these concepts, which we hope will be a positive influence in our skylines for years to come.