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Architectural Rendering Services in Miami

After over 15 years in business as a 3d rendering company, Realspace has matured into one of the top Architectural Rendering companies in North America. We have provided clients located in Miami with a wide variety of our rendering services, these include house renderings in suburban neighborhoods outside of the Miami downtown core, 3d floorplans, interior renderings of houses, townhouse development renders and large-scale high-rise animations in the city.
Although our offices are located outside of Miami, we've still managed to get a large segment of the available work in this area due to the decentralized nature of our services. We typically prefer receiving our information through email (in the form of CAD files or PDF's), meetings are predominantly done virtually, and we can transfer final output files from anywhere. Payment for projects done within The United States are easily paid by credit card in USD - check is also accepted.
Despite the fact that 3d rendering can be done from anywhere in the world, there is a certain level of familiarity within a city which is needed to accurately convey styles, landscapes and demographics. There is also an understanding that a budget for a condo in Miami may not be the same as a small house in Richmond West.

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RealSpace 3D Miami Rendering Case Studies:

The Miami housing market has historically been volatile. There is a wide wealth discrepancy within the state. This means that as a rendering company we need to be flexible in our range of services as well. We understand that there is a need for high-end house renderings (with supercars in the driveway) and luxury condos with marble everything but also there are lower-income developments which will have a lower rendering budget which we try to accommodate. These are a few of the factors we look at when trying to satisfy the needs of our rendering customers within the Florida area.

  • View and landscaping - ocean views and palm trees are a staple with most of our 3d renderings done in the state of Florida
  • amenity space features targeted towards specific demographics
  • style - capturing the "Miami Vibe"

In some of our recent Florida projects, we had the chance to explore very different approaches to our rendering services.


This project was done for a new build located in Miami, Florida. This three-storey house, situated right by the ocean was designed with getting the most out of your surroundings in mind. Complete with a billiards room, large kitchen and open floorplan, the house screams to entertain guests. On this project, we ended up doing 2 exterior renders along with 3D floorplans for all floors. One of the unique features to me on this rendering is the sand incorporated into the landscaping. 

Although this set of exterior renderings is in our "low-cost" price point, the renderings turned out quite well.


One of the more common questions we get asked about our rendering services is "What is the difference between the Low-cost house renderings and the High-end house rendering services?" The simplest answer is that the quality and realism of our higher-end renderings are just a little bit more refined. In addition to receiving more rounds of revisions, the high-end renders are a little more visually appealing. That being said, we have an apples-to-apples comparison here with our next project, also based in Florida, and also a beach house rendering.


Some of the items to pay attention to in comparing the two's quality to decide which tier of rendering is right for you are:

Lighting - arguably the most important foundation of a high-quality 3d rendering is the lighting quality. Although in the lower cost rendering the lighting is perfectly fine, the lighting in the higher-tier rendering provides a certain level of richness and depth. The shadows being cast in the landscape and the materials on the house provide a little more realism. Additionally, the subtle reflections off the window and the accurate reflectivity in the metal roof create a more convincing image.

Landscape - the vegetation and surrounding area in the higher tier house render place the house in the scene just a little bit more. We've pushed the detail in the surrounding context to create more of a natural-looking environment. Although the lower-cost rendering has a very appealing background the image is a little bit less customized.

Composition - although the general framing of the house is not that different, the higher end house rendering services do a slightly better job of tying the whole image together with things like a vehicle with a surfboard, the ocean in the background, trees in the foreground to create interesting framing and shadowing.


This project is an interior rendering project for a senior's facility in Miami Florida. The goal of these renders was to convey a welcoming and refreshed senior center through our rendering expertise. The architect implemented features such as an indoor fountain as the main focal point when one walks into the building, elevated ceilings with skylights to allow for more of an open concept and spacious feel, and an elegant bistro which feels more like a fine dining restaurant. Within the bistro there is a green wall which adds to the aesthetic the architect was going for. One of the themes throughout the renders is that this senior center has tons of natural light, greenery and moving water - a feeling of freshness in this space is evident.

Realspace 3d Rendering Services in Miami:

Miami House Visualizations

The Miami real estate market has had its ups and downs in the last number of years, however, the average price of detached homes is still over 1 million dollars. Because of this, the possibility to invest in house renderings in Miami still exists. Our house rendering services provide clients with their choice of high quality, affordable renders or top of the line custom home rendering services.

Miami Townhouse and Condo 3d Visualizations

As a bustling metropolis Miami’s need for larger scale 3d rendering projects is one of the highest in the United States. Because of this, many of our largest projects, including highrise rendering projects and large townhouse developments, originate from the Miami and Greater Miami Area.

In addition to these large scale building renders we have done a number of projects which involved 3d city planning. These projects often utilized our skills and knowhow to show how different transit changes could impact the area visually and how the changes may impact growth in certain locations.

Animation Services in Miami

Creating 3D Walkthrough videos can be a time consuming and labour intensive process. Because of this, we typically reserve these services for larger developments and more established companies. We've found many clients located in Miami to be ideal for this exact reason. Many developers in Miami tend to be more established than other parts of the United States simply because of the size of the city. 

Who uses our 3d rendering services in Miami?

  • Architects, Designers, Builders and Home owners looking to showcase a new house for presale, regulatory approval or simply to test out some different designs
  • Realtors who are looking to sell homes, either through the use of a 3D Floorplans for existing houses to help clients understand layouts, or to maximize profit during the presale stage of selling
  • Developers and Real Estate Marketing Companies located in and around the Greater Miami Area appreciate our reasonable prices and our local project management which ensures high quality projects with a smooth revision process.

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