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With recent advances in technology, computational times have decreased, and had large effects on the rendering market. Rendering has become available to a broader consumer base. As well as costumers have seen major improvements, including a more affordable product.

A newly developing 3D rendering consumer group to see glean these benefits has been independent architects. Tools for converting CAD to 3D have become faster, speeding up the 3D modeling process. These improvements to the field have allowed 3D rendering companies, such as RealSpace3D, to target special services at independent architects. Rendering companies are able to support independent architects to communicate their vision more effectively to clients, gain approval from clients faster, and catch expensive mistakes in the design. Designs are communicated more realistically. Architects can even experiment with risky designs that are difficult to visualize. For example, an architect is working with a couple that is building their dream home. They have been planning for this home for many years and the design of the home is very important to them. Previously architects used traditional 2D drawings to communicate their vision to clients. With 2D drawings the couple would have to use their imaginations to visualize their dream home in 3D. The drawings were flat, and only communicated one angle of the design. When the final product emerged, clients have been disappointed because they didn’t realize the hallways would be so narrow. Rendering companies, such as RealSpace3D, are able to create the couples’ dream home in 3D and capture various angles of the home including the view and surrounding environment. If the couple is investing a large amount in the home, there is even an option to allow the couple to walk through their dream home before it has been built. The ability to see, and if they decide, walk through their new home, at different times of the day, and try out different alterations of the design. These visualizations will catch any costly mistakes with the design. Clients also sign off faster, saving valuable and expensive time. Projects move along smoother all around, and clients are happier with the finished results.

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